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HRM 324 Module 2 Case Assignment

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TUI UNIVERSITY Jennifer Pope Module 2 Case Assignment 324: Human Resource Management Dr Robert Grice 29 April 2010 Module 2 Case Assignment The employees you hire can make or break your business. While you may be tempted to hire the first person who walks in the door--"just to get it over with"--doing so can be a fatal error. A small company cannot afford to carry deadwood on staff; they need to start smart by taking time to figure out staffing needs before they even begin looking for job candidates. Then once you know your needs and have your employees you need to continue your human resource management and ensure that you have task assignments that are not based on who can do the work, but rather on who is best suited to do the work. ...read more.


Information collected during the job analysis is used to create the job description. So frequently a job description is the outcome of a job analysis. The analysis drives the description by identifying exactly who is doing what work and what they need to do their work successfully. There are two key elements of a job analysis: identification of major job requirements and identification of knowledge, skills and abilities required to accomplish the job. (U.S. Department of the Interior 1998) These two key elements provide the frame work and information needed to create the job description. The VA Case Study The management of healthcare personnel can be improved through systematic analysis of the work, the worker, and the work organization and through more informed decisions about the appropriateness of task assignment (or reassignment). ...read more.


The study also suggests that there is clear opportunity to move more routine duties from the most expensive staff (physicians) to others and that doing this would increase clinic access and efficiency. Using job analysis methods and job descriptions to redesign a health system is a unique but needed approach to the management of human resources and health care. In conclusion job analysis is needed to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements needing done Then that information is used to create a job description and hire/keep the right employee for the work. Once this is done both items are used to ensure that task assignments are not based on who can do the work, but rather on who is best suited to do the work. Doing this provides a safer environment of the patient, improves access and increases efficiency. ...read more.

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