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Individual needs within the health and social care sectors

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Katie-May Hall Btec First Diploma Health and Social Care Unit 2 Activity 2 P2 M1 P2 To achieve this activity I must identify the potential affects four factors that can influence the health and needs of an individual. M1 To achieve this activity I need to explain why each factor affects an individual. I am relating this to my work in P3 where I have prepared a case study about Holly, a middle aged single mother if two teenage girls who is over weight, smokes and lives in a damp terraced house that she rents, she also finds it hard to get out to local facilities due to poor transport links. 1. Being Over weight * Can increase the number of heart related illnesses due to the increased pressure on the heart to pump the blood around the body, these can be, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, high blood cholesterol, diabetes. Poor circulation can lead to thrombosis, dizziness, feeling light headed and headaches. Poor flexibility due to excess body fat can lead to osteoarthritis; extra skin folds increase the chances of fungal skin infections. The additional fat around the neck and face makes overweight people snore and can bring on other sleep related problems like sleep apnoea. ...read more.


* Poor heating can make it difficult to keep a house warm and well ventilated it would make drying clothes a problem especially in winter, having a window open to vent a tumble dryer would not be a viable option as these are costly to run, which would have a further impact on a small financial budget, leaving less money for food, and a healthy diet. * Safety would be an issue living in a dangerous or over populated area can affect your mental health, making an individual more anxious leading to further health problems like, high blood pressure, panic attacks and stomach ulcers. Affecting your mental health could also lead to depression, making an individual feel worthless and have a negative outlook on life. It would limit your ability to go out and cut you off from social activities. An individual that is in poor housing will have a higher risk of chest infections due to living in a damp environment. Dust mites thrive in damp environments and these can cause lung allergies in people that are not fit including the elderly and children. A person with asthma compared to a non asthmatic find living in a damp environment would have a huge impact on their health, they would have more asthma attacks would be prone to more chest infections because dampness causes mould ...read more.


distance of a surgery that is open at weekends that amount of stress would immediately be reduced as that person would see a doctor out of work hours and any further medical conditions be stopped. Some NHS trusts do not offer all services free (fertility treatment, some cancer drugs etc) this is something that the media call the 'postcode lottery' which simply means that you can only access the health services that are offered in your area and if they are not there then you miss out on this service being available to you, unless you have the finances to pay for it privately and this can cost a lot of money putting more stress on family members to find the money to help pay for treatment, if a spouse cant help pay for treatment they may feel they have let their partner down and that despair can lead to break down in communications and eventually the marriage. To conclude, I have looked at four factors that can affect the health and social needs of an individual in society, by taking each one further it can be seen that these can have health implications on an individual. People working in a care setting need to be able to understand that lifestyle can have a huge impact on an individuals health and social care needs. 1 ...read more.

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