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List the sections you will find in a risk assessment and the reasons for each different section

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´╗┐Task 3 P3 List the sections you will find in a risk assessment and the reasons for each different section A risk assessment is to carefully examine something that could cause harm to anyone and then deciding on precautions to prevent harm and lower the risk of harm. We perform risk assessments every day when we are cooking, before crossing roads, when eating etc. ...read more.


Carefully examine your workplace environment and identify any hazards then make record of them, this could be by looking around the workplace or asking other staff members etc. 1. Decide who might be at harm and how ? Think about the staff, clients, relatives, visitors and the general public. 1. Evaluate the risks arising from the hazards and decide what can be done to control them ? After finding the hazards carefully consider the risks they pose. ...read more.


Checks have been made into all identified hazards 2. Hazards have been dealt with, reduced or controlled 3. The number of people affected have been considered 4. Precautions have been taken to reduce risks 1. Review your assessment from time to time and revise if necessary ? Writing down hazards and risks doesn?t cut it they need to be reassessed frequently especially as technology changes and new equipment may be used. ...read more.

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