Report on risk assessment process relating to everyday activities.

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This report will introduce risk assessment process relating to everyday activities. A risk is a chance high or low, that someone will be harmed by a hazard. A hazard is anything that can cause harm. A risk assessment is basically a careful examination of what could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precaution or should do more to prevent harm.

Risk assessment has five steps:

Identifying what the hazard: You identify the hazard by looking around the work place and asking the employers.

Estimating who’s at risk is the risk high or low:  Decide who might be harmed and how, by identifying groups who might be at risk and identifying how they might be injured.

Evaluate the risk and decide on precaution: You control the hazard by, reasonably practicable and looking at what you are already doing also looking at what you can do to minimize the risk.

Record your findings and implement them: You then write down what you have found from the risk assessment, share the information with staff and then plan what you are going to do about it. Putting control measures into action and making sure that you are bothered to do it, for example if you buy a fire extinguisher if there is a fire you don’t just leave it there, you use it.

Review your assessment and update if necessary: You review and update the things which needs updating. Review your assessment in case things have changed and record the important things which you have found with your risk assessment forms. 

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Everyday hazards are: - personal care, hobbies/ leisure, work/ education, mobility& travel.

The first everyday activity which I am going to talk about is personal care. The risk could be in the bathroom, the reason why this is a hazard is because, for example an elderly service user could slip in the shower. This is a very high risk for elderly. If I was going to do a risk assessment, the first thing which I would do is identify the hazard which is the wet floor and then I would look and see who is at risk and the people ...

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