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Nursery Equipment research

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In the research piece, I am going to list all the nursery equipment items with their definitions, pictures and key points when buying each of the items. Besides needing a layette, a newborn baby also needs somewhere to sleep, to be bathed, to be changed, to sit and to play. It is also essential to have some equipment for keeping the baby safe, and for taking the baby out to shops, park and other places. For sleeping: * Cot * This cot has got slatted sides which allow the baby to see out. This stylish wooden cot is appropriate with nearly all children's bedroom features and furniture. When the baby can climb out of the cot, then it is time for a bed. Safety features: * The bars should be between 45-65mm apart, to prevent the baby's head getting caught in between them * Mattress should fit so that there is just enough room for the bedclothes to be tucked in. There should be no gap more than 4cm anywhere round the mattress in which the baby's head, arms, legs can be trapped * Cots usually have one side which drops down, with catches to hold the drop-side in the upper position. The catch needs to be too difficult to be undone by the baby or a young brother or sister. ...read more.


The sounds are transmitted by a radio to a receiver by up to 100 metres away. It may be battery-operated or rechargeable for portability. This alarm has these advantages: * 100% digital portable monitor * Digital clarity and security * 120 channels/zero interference/privacy guaranteed * 2 way communication * Sound sensitive light display * Remote controlled night light * Room temperature display * Vibrate mode on parent unit * Last feed timer * Rechargeable portable parent unit * 300 metre range * Prams and pushchairs There are various types of prams which have a body which can be lifted off for use as a carry-cot and a base which folds for easier storage. Safety features: * Efficient brakes * Be stable-should not tip over easily * Be easy to steer * Needs to be used as soon as the baby can sit up * Have a basket which fits underneath A pushchair is a very useful piece of equipment which is likely to be in use until the child has passed through the toddler stage. It's used for babies who are old enough to sit up. It's good for shopping but May not be so well sprung. A baby or child in a pushchair needs to be secured by a safety harness with shoulder, waist and crotch straps. ...read more.


There is also the danger that the baby could receive burns from touching the hot tap. Some parents therefore prefer to use baby bath. * Baby bouncer This is not an essential item of the nursery equipment. Baby bouncers are popular for babies from 5 month onwards. They are recommended when the baby can take their weight on their legs and are starting to stand. The babies bounce gently up and down and are able to move their legs and arms freely. * Play pen It is useful when the baby begins to move around. It keeps the baby safe while the parent is busy or out of the room for a short while. Most babies will feel happy playing in it until they realise the freedom outside the pen. Safety features: * Easily folding away to store (no tools needed) * Soft washable padded play mattress included * Smooth rounded corners * Non-toxic wipe finish * Complies with all relevant standards * The six sections are about 61 cm long and 75 cm high * Can be configured * A portable UV resistant playpen (50+ UPF) * Removable sun canopy * Padded, water-resistant floor and airy mesh sides * Lockable hatch to keep a younger child safe ?? ?? ?? ?? Nadia Raya 10F Centre number: 51523 Candidate number: 5143 ...read more.

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