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personal statement

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If I were to explain my reason for returning to education in a simple sentence then this would be it: "because my mother made me." However, I realise how shallow and blas´┐Ż this may seem. My reason for being here today is far from simple. Throughout my younger years I had absolutely no ambition. All I could envisage for myself was to have a family to love and who would love me in return. I believed that if I found that, I would have everything I needed to live a happy fulfilled life. I struggled to see any kind of career in my future. ...read more.


Feeling that for my Mother inspired me to better myself, my future and my children's future. I chose the Access to Nursing Course at Dearne Valley College, not only because it is second nature for me to care for someone, but because I feel it opens up a variety of avenues and prospects to be discovered about the Health Care Profession. I want to be a Nurse because I want to give something more to the community that is increasingly lacking in compassion. Patients are people, not just statistics, and I believe to make a difference in just one person's life, is the greatest achievement anyone could hope for. ...read more.


I try to encourage this by going along with him to interact with and support the children. It is also an opportunity for me to let the other parents know you don't necessarily have to have a disabled child to care for one. I don't wish to just end my studies once I become a registered Nurse. My ultimate goal is to become a Medical Officer serving in the Army with the Q.A.R.N.C. Now when I envisage my future, I see a qualified Health Professional serving my country with four wonderful children following in my footsteps. Being offered a place on your course will allow me to undertake the beginning steps of this challenging and exciting journey. Thank you for taking the time to read my application; I look forward to hearing from you. ...read more.

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