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Physical, sensory and intellectual Development of Harris.

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Physical Development As Harris is nearly two years old he is using quite a lot of his gross motor skills. Harris has recently learned to walk and can crawl quite well as he has just learned to walk he still does fall over a lot. When Harris wants to sit on the sofa he tries to climb the sofa or stands balancing his weight on the sofa this shows Harris has a good sense of gravity. As Harris's father plays football Harris also joins in he tries to kick the ball but misses it because he doesn't have good hand-eye coordination. Harris uses his fine motor skills better than his gross motor skills because when Harris is given a jigsaw he can complete it very fast and also is very precise when he picks up the pieces he knows he has to use his thumb and finger to grab the item. ...read more.


Sometimes things that are not noticeable Harris will point to them or grab your hand and take you with him to what he wants. Harris tries to refer to people by their names he calls his mother "mom" and his father "dada". Harris's mum has 2 sisters that live nearby and visit frequently Harris calls them by their names Sophie and Jazz. He can't say them properly but you can understand him. As Harris has a wide variety of toys he can name some of them such as books, car, and jigsaw. He finds saying jigsaw hard and therefore just says "saw". Harris can now name some household objects such as; sofa, chair, and TV. When Harris is trying to say something Harris's parents try to help him they tell him to repeat words after them so it's easier for him also they point at objects and see if Harris knows what it is called this helps improve Harris's language skills. ...read more.


As all children Harris has his fair share of temper tantrums he usually has them when he doesn't get his own way if he wants something that he can't have such as a toy he will cry and stamp his feet. Harris is not toilet trained as he is still only small. When it is time to eat Harris can feed himself with his hands but finds it difficult to eat with cutlery. When it is time to wash his face and brush his teeth Harris tries to brush his teeth but doesn't clean them properly as he finds it hard to move the brush around his mouth. Harris can splash the water on his face but doesn't like it when it goes in his eyes or nose. He can also dry his face and hands. Harris can put his shoes on and likes his Velcro shoes as they are easy to close, he can't do laces as they are fiddly. Harris tries to put his clothes on but doesn't know which arm goes in which hole. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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