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Report on my client

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Report on my client. Our task was to find out about our clients health and well-being. I did my research by giving my client a questionnaire which would give me a clear view on what is good about their health and what is bad. In this report I am going to tell you about my client's lifestyle. Her name is Lucy and she is 15 years old. Looking through the questionnaire, Lucy seems to have a healthy diet. She enjoys eating fruit and vegetables which makes it a lot easier for her to eat healthily. Lucy has a variety of food available for her at home so she is able to make sure she has a balanced diet. She is aware of the importance of healthy eating which is good because she knows exactly what is healthy for her. In the questionnaire, Lucy says she rarely eats breakfast. I think this is a problem because we are more likely to be tired and less energetic. It also stops you from performing better then you can do. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and it is definitely not a good idea to skip breakfast. Lucy is not happy with her weight because she feels that she is overweight and not able to wear the clothes that she wants to wear. ...read more.


Lucy is a smoker and she smokes between 10-15 cigarettes per day. This is very bad for her health long term and short term. The short tern effects are an increase in pulse rate and a drop in skin temperature. The long-term effects are illnesses such as lung cancer; chronic bronchitis and you are two times more likely to have a heart attack. Most of her friends smoke and I feel due to peer pressure she was influenced her into thinking it was cool. Also her mom and dad smoke and have been smoking for as long as she can remember this may also have effected her as a young child because children tend to copy what their parents do. Lucy rarely drinks alcohol but when she does drink it, it is in large amounts. This can seriously damage her liver and other vital organs in the body. For a woman the alcohol unit is 14. Lucy drinks at least double of that in one night. In the questionnaire, Lucy tells us that she has had drugs offered to her and she has been tempted to take it. This shows how vulnerable she can be and if she had fallen into the trap of drugs her life would be a lot worse. ...read more.


It is very important for her to get out and be with her friends because it clears her head and gets her ready for the challenges ahead. She has long lasting friendships and Lucy thinks of all her friends are very special and she would not know what she would do without them. Lucy lives in a clean environment inside and outside which enables her to go about her daily lifestyle freely. All her essential needs are met and she has a lot of luxuries. Lucy tells us that she often feels stressed out and the reasons are because of her school problems and there are a lot of arguments in the family, which is not helping her at all. When Lucy gets very stressed and angry she can take it out on her friends. It is very important to keep her friends because at the moment they seem the only people that keep her going. A little stress is good for you because it keeps you on your toes and keeps you focused on your task but in Lucy's case stress is too much and it can have a damaging effect on her health. Lucy has no current genetically inherited disease. She also does not have any disease at the moment but if she carries on with the way she is drinking and the way she smokes she is going to have some serious problems. Chelsea Cavener ...read more.

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