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Safety Equiptment Execution

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Name Stair Gates Safety Gates are mainly a barrier for young children to stop them going into parts of the house which may be un-suitable or dangerous. They are usually put at the bottom of the stairs or across the door frame to the kitchen as the kitchen is the most dangerous part of the house. The way in which the gate prevent the child passing through, is that the have an opening which the child does not know how to open and also must have the following safety features: o Gate must be too high for the child to climb on or over o Bars must not be too small to get head, hand or feet trapped o Must be very steady on a wall. ...read more.


Sometimes car seats come with sunlight covers (as shown in the picture) which keeps the sunlight out from the baby's eyes. Cooker Guards A cooker guard is an item which is used in the kitchen to stop a child from harming themselves around the cooker. The cooker guard is mainly a piece of glass or metal which is mounted around the top of the cooker so that while cooking, if the child is around the bottom of the cooker, he/she wont get harmed. The child may be harmed by: o Any spillages of hot foods o Touching the hot plates/utensils o Pushing the food over The cooker guard may also have something covering the knobs to change the heat of the plates and if a child plays with that it can be very dangerous, especially if food is cooking on top and there is no one attending the cooker at all times. ...read more.


Another type of socket covers it just like a plug without wires and it is made difficult to take out from the socket by children as it is flat. Child Harnesses Child harnesses are used when a child and parent are out. The child harness lets the child walk freely and to have some responsibility, while at the same time, the parent still can stay calm and know that their child is safe. It is a long piece of strong fabric which is belted around the child and under his/her arms and then goes to the mother. The piece which is attached to the mother is no longer than two meters long and helps the mother to be a good distance from her child. The harness can also be made to look fun and interesting which make the child want to use it. ...read more.

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