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Section B - Postive Factors

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Positive factors of Hillary's health and well being There are a number of positive factors in Hillary's Health and well being. these include: * Work - Job * Income - Enough money for all her needs * Social life - going out with her friends * Housing - Having good housing * Education - Having good qualifications * Hobbies and interests -keeping the mind active My client has good positive factors which have a positive effect in her life they are: * Income * Stable relationship * Social life * Housing The positive factors, of income in Hillary's health and well-being: Hillary has good income. ...read more.


The other supportive relationships in Hillary's life is her work colleagues which support her at work his helps her so she does not have a stressful time at work having a good supportive relationships is linked to her social life. Socially this is good because she always has some one to socialise with. Intellectually this is good because she has people to support her at work and can learn new skills form them. Emotionally this is good as if she is feeling down or ill, their is always someone there to support her; also by have lots of friend and family to support her so she will never face loneliness or unhappiness. ...read more.


This is also linked to work as she can socialise with her friends from work. The positive factor, of Good Housing in Hillarys health and well-being. Hillary has very good housing she lives in a three bed roomed detached house in Castle Bromwich; she moved her a few years ago. Hillary feels that the house is a good size and fits all her need. Socially Hillary gets on well with the neighbours and always talks to them and helps them if they need help. Emotionally she is stable her and as all she needs. This is linked to her income as if she didn't have a good income then she wouldn't be able to live in a good house were she wants to live. ?? ?? ?? ?? Christopher Ball ...read more.

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