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Signs of pregnancy and possible complications.

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Miscarriage The mother has a Miscarriage when the baby comes out of the uterus accidentally and too early to survive on its own. The fist sign of Miscarriage is bleeding, sometimes with pain. Miscarriages are quite common. It is estimated that 25% of pregnancies end in Miscarriage. The majority of Miscarriage occurs in the first three months of pregnancy and when a woman is not aware that she is pregnant. ...read more.


In rare cases of ectopic pregnancy; infants have survived long enough to be born alive by caesarean section. Sign of pregnancy For woman whose periods are regular and who has intercourse recently the first sign that a baby is on the way is usually a missed period. By the time a second missed period has been missed, other signs of pregnancy may be noticeable e.g.: enlarged breasts, darkening skin around the nipple, more frequent passably feeling of nausea. ...read more.


5. The sign of pregnancy are enlarged breast, darkening skin around the nipple, constipation and possibly feeling of nausea. 6. Medicines are given careful to pregnant woman because they are likely to cross the placenta and reach the baby. 7. The forming substances harm the reach of the baby's normal patten of a great chance of this occurring during the three months after conception. ...read more.

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