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The Importance of Creative Play Research

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´╗┐RESEARCH What is creative play? Creative play refers to a style of playing where a child uses her imagination during play time. Since creativity is a given trait, creative play comes naturally and helps children learn and develop. http://www.ehow.com/facts_6193339_meaning-creative-play_.html#ixzz1vWlU0P35 Why did I choose creative play? ________________________________________________ How does creative play help PIES? Intellectual Benefits Even at a young age, creative activities help to develop basic math skills such as geometry (size and shape), measuring, and sorting. There is also a great deal of problem solving and concentration which happens as children learn to take what is in their head, and put it onto paper. In the early years they need to ask themselves basic questions like will this glue be strong enough, if I cut here will it fit, or how can I stop the paint from dripping? ...read more.


As your child learns these skills in a creative area, they can transfer them to other areas of their life as well. Physical Benefits Painting, drawing, cutting and pasting all help to develop fine motors skills in young children, which in turn helps them to be writing-ready as they near school age. Children are not born with a pencil in their hand, so it takes time to develop the skills required to make one work. Creative play helps to develop those skills. With that in mind, it?s important to recognize that your child?s scribbles represent a huge milestone in their physical development. Remember in the space of a year or so, your child has gone from the stage of not even knowing they have hands, to being able to pick up a crayon, move it over the paper, and apply enough pressure for it to actually leave a mark. ...read more.


Emotional and Social Benefits It?s no secret that creative activities provide a positive outlet for children (and adults) to express their emotions, and this starts at a very young age. Making a range of equipment and materials accessible for your child, means that creative expression becomes as normal as brushing their teeth. As children get older, arts and crafts can provide a safe and positive way for children to socialize with others. Instead of just ?hanging out?, children can get together to make and create. Why is it important? I think children learn more, and learn better when they are encouraged to play creatively than if they are restricted in some way. Creative play and artistic activities are essential to children's overall development. This is because they help nurture imagination, develop problem-solving, thinking as well as motor skills. ...read more.

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