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what is self? The Perception of Self

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The Perception of Self Self can be defined in two different meanings,one is in physiological point of view as self is a living organism capable of operating condition of the living like singing,talking,rising,sitting,walking,sleeping and using arms and legs.In psychology,self is the one that directs mind and capable of executing decision and directions can analyse facts,can distinguish good and bad,can deal with difficult circumstances and react according to the given situation.Both meaning although different in natures only comes out in one single meaning as self is an individual and an independent being.Carl Rogers defined "self as a flexible and changing perception of personal identity".Self is affected y the environment they revolve in,but some researches says that social culture doesn't really affect one's self.Although it is still high debatable and questionable.Some psychologist believe one main reason why people exell in their field is because they have a self-esteem.High self-esteem is the product ...read more.


self-concept it won't be difficult to flood along our inner self.We can also develop and maintain and focus ourself to guide us in what we intend to do,remember and think about. People by nature are sociable.They always wanted to be part of the community.There's no such thing as individuality exist on it's own.People always needs somebody to interact with,pattern themselves and giving them feedback.Social roles plays one important role in the development of one's self.Their role in the society is paramount on the way they will behave and interact with somebody.They will need somebody to mirror themselves so they can unconditionally received the positive or negative feedback.People in nature always tends to compare themselves to somebody.Somebody they will look up and adore.This ideal self is forming out making them elated and highly unreachable.But sometimes people around are sceptical to help them achieve their goals in life.As some individual wants to be ...read more.


However, in some cases,individual needs to perform well,achieve a lot and be perfect to be socially acceptable.This doesn't give any positive regard to person's self concept and self image.As one mistake they will make,will ruin their self esteem.There is always fear of disappointment accompany this belief.This will develop in a very low self esteem.As this individual doesn't feel that they can explore their self development for a fear of social rejection.This individual tends to be insecure,suspicious ,confused,anxious and highly nervous most of the time. For example,for argument sake ,a developing child whose always been calmly told ,if they made mistake we'll tend to be calmer and got long patience than those child being whipped,slap and spank all the time.Bullying is one good example of low esteem,they always get the people they think are very vulnerable and easy targets.They think that if they will do that, they will be socially acceptable with the fear of rejection. ...read more.

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