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Whose Life Is It Anyway? Characters.Ken Harrison Richard Dreyfuss

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Whose Life Is It Anyway? Characters. Ken Harrison Richard Dreyfuss Dr.Emmerson John Cassettes Dr.Scott Christine Lahti Mr.Hill Bob Balaban Judge Wyler Kenneth McMillan Joey Kaki Hunter John Thomas Carter Rodriguez Alba Oms Pat Janet Eilber Summary. Ken Harrison is a sculptor, who gets badly injured in a car accident, he is then paralysed from the neck down, making him totally reliant on others (his girlfriend, Pat, and doctors) to care and look after him. Ken loves and is dedicated to his job and is very strong-minded and passionate. He is then unable to care for himself and is entirely dependent on doctors and people around him. Key Issues. * Does Ken have a right to die? ...read more.


They thought that once Ken was able to have things to help him, like an electronic wheelchair, he would feel better about himself, this will then give him more independence and understanding of why so many people want to help. * Sanctity of life. There are a lot of people who love and care for Ken, and do not want to see him die, this is why they are all helping him so much. Even though the doctors seem as if they are just doing their job because they have to, they are helping him because they want to, they don't want anyone to die especially those that can be helped. They could have seen Ken as a big problem but instead they think of him in a more positive light and try to work with him instead of against him. ...read more.


persuaded to change his mind, he sees no point, he knows what his life could have been like before the accident and this makes things worse for him. What Would I Do? If I were in this position I would most probably be very depressed and useless. Even I would be like this I would want to try and get on with my life, I wouldn't give up I would be as positive as I could, this would help me do things and get through different challenges. I don't think I would want to die, because God has given us the gift of life and if he didn't want us to be here, we wouldn't. God chooses what major decisions he wants us to make and he always helps us to do the right thing. ...read more.

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