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Adolf Hitler - When And Where He Was Born

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Adolf Hitler When And Where He Was Born Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria, on April 20 1889. Adolf was the son of Klara and Alois Hitler. He was very hostile towards his father who was a minor customs officer on the Austro-German border, and deeply attached to his housewife mother. Adolf's father Alois used to beat on Adolf's half brother Alois Jr, but when Alois reached the age of 14 and had had enough of the beating, he ran away from home never to see his father again. This put Adolf next in line, and his discontent father then beat him. Hitler was a good student in the younger ranks of school gaining good grades with little effort. Eventually the time came when he had to take the next step up and choose which high school he wanted to attend. Hitler was very interested in art and so he wanted to go to a classical school. However, his father was eager for Adolf to follow in his footsteps as a civil servant and sent him to the Technical high school in the city of Linz in 1900. The city kids looked down upon Hitler, as he was only a country kid, Hitler's work began to slump due to his unhappiness. He did poorly in the first year getting kept back. Hitler hoped that if his father saw how little progress he was making at the technical school, that his father would allow him to go to a classical ...read more.


He wrote a letter of apology including information on his rough years as a youth living on the streets. Hitler's heartfelt letter was accepted by the Austrian officials and he wasn't punished, however he did need to take a medical exam which he failed and so the whole issue was dropped altogether leaving Hitler free of punishment. On the 1st of August 1914 a German declaration of war was announced in front of a large crowd, including Hitler. Hitler signed himself up for a German Army regiment and this began Hitler's role in World War 1. Hitler volunteered for a Bavarian Regiment. In the first fight in which Hitler's regiment fought, 2500 of the 3000 men in the regiment where either killed or injured as Hitler came out of the fighting without a scratch. Hitler was a runner taking messages back and forth from the men in command, to the fighting units on the battleground. During the whole of the war Hitler avoided injury. That was until a wound to the leg canceled him out of the war. He was then put on light work in Munich before requesting to go back to the front, and so he did. In October 1918 Hitler was blinded temporarily by a chlorine gas attack brought out by the British. He was taken to a hospital and there he would remain until he heard the news that the war was over and that Germany was now a republic. ...read more.


The Nazi's came face to face with a police blockade of around 100. Hitler shouted for them to surrender but then a gun fight began. Hitler got a dislocated shoulder during the rough and tumble as a man who he had locked arms with was shot and took Hitler down with him. Hitler's bodyguard jumped onto Hitler and took several bullets which saved Hitler's life. Hitler crawled out of the line of fire and into a waiting car before taking off and hiding at his friends for 2 days. On the third he was arrested and told he was going to have a public trial. Hitler stood on trial for treason in a trial he had total advantage in. Hitler had the right to use the courtroom as a propaganda platform from which he could speak at any length on his own behalf, interrupt others at any time and even cross examine witnesses. Hitler admitted everything, however, put himself over as a German patriot wanting to take over Germany to do the right thing and not give in against the Treaty Of Versailles. Hitler accused the German politicians of being the guilty party because they where the people who stabbed the whole of Germany in the back by ending World War 1 and signing the Treaty Of Versailles. Hitlers tactics did and didn't work at the same time. He was found guilty however, where he could have had life imprisonment for what he did, he only got a 5 year sentence and was eligible for parole in 6 months. ...read more.

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