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Adolph Hitler has been known as one of the greatest evils in the history of the world!

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Adolph Hitler has been known as one of the greatest evils in the history of the world! However there is another side of him, the average person has not explored or even considered, and that is his clever, cunning and even ingenious mind! Hitler was a fantastic speaker, an imaginative publiciciser, and an incredible thinker. He was probably one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. He used political ideas that are still not used to their full power today. He planned ahead and always knew what was around the corner and what to do about it. It is surprising how quickly he managed to grasp the power he was so hungry for. When dissecting his techniques, we see that it was all carefully planned not just luck, or fate that enabled him to achieve so much. On January 30th 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany and it seemed as if the whole of Berlin took to the streets to celebrate. Becoming Chancellor allowed him access to the powers that were the key to the whole of his scheme. Once unlocked these powers would allow Hitler to do whatever it was that he wanted. This meant He could manipulate Germany to do anything he wanted using among other things, his spectacular speaking skills. As Chancellor, Hitler had access to emergency powers. He used these to ban the Communists. He was able to do this partially due to the Reichstag Fire. ...read more.


One of the first steps he took was to place a ban on kosher meat. As this is the meat a Jew must eat in their religion. It made it impossible for Jewish people to live happily in Germany. Kosher meat is meat that has been killed in a certain way, and had all of the blood removed. This left Jewish people with very few options. These were: * Leave the country as Hitler wanted * Kill their own animals, and drain the blood themselves * Not eat meat * Abandon their religion Many Jews would not stand up to Hitler as they were afraid of him and new they were in the minority. There were worldwide reports stating that hoards of Jews were leaving Germany for neighbouring countries. The next step Hitler took against the Jews was to ban Jews in all professions, schools and businesses. This took effect from March 28th 1933. Many Jews were put out of business - and it was not only Jews that were affected. As Jews made up 16% of all German Lawyers, 17% of Bankers and there were also 10,000 Jewish doctors the German public services were greatly affected The Nazis continued to marginalize non-Aryan groups - especially Jewish people. The following are just a few of the significant events:- 1933 April 1st - Ban on Jewish Merchants. July 3rd -- German Nazi's begin evicting Jews from the Civil Service. ...read more.


Hitler took advantage of this as often as he could. This soon meant that the jails were filling up and there was nowhere for prisoners to go. As a solution to this problem, Concentration camps, or prison camps were opened to take the overflow of prisoners. These were later used to imprison Jews and other opponents of Hitler. Finally, Hitler made some other adjustments to Germany that would help eradicate his enemies. He banned trade unions, so that people would not be able to stand up to him in large numbers. He added Informers. This was when all of Germany was divided into small groups/blocks which were visited regularly by there local Nazi or Block Warden. These people were allegedly supporting the people within their area. In reality they were being watched and controlled at all times. In conclusion, it is fair to say that Hitler used every available device to help himself. He could always manage to manipulate things to his advantage. This cunning man was yet to make a mistake in the eyes of most Germans. The majority of the German people loved him. It was as if he had almost hypnotised them - and whatever he did he could always convince them it was for the best! Synopsis - Hitler was able to remove opposition to himself through the Enabling Act passed in March 1933 and its advantages between the period of March 1933 and august 1934. Jennifer Leigh Condell History Essay Explain How Hitler Was Able To remove opposition to himself in the period of march - 1933 to August 1934. ...read more.

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