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American Coursework: The New Deal

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American Coursework: The New Deal 1.) Select and explain the most important factors in explaining why Roosevelt won the election of 1932. The presidential election of 1932 was a major event for the people living through the depression and Wall Street crash. The election would change the way they were living and get rid of the man they despised most, President Hoover. A lot of people were very angry with president Hoover and wanted their lives to change. There were many factors why Roosevelt won the election and the anger people felt was one of them. President Hoover didn't appear to care about the shattered towns or the twelve million people unemployed. This meant that at the next election they needed a new president to change the situation and get them out of their grief and misery. They turned to Roosevelt for help. As a contrast to president Hoover Roosevelt believed in an 'active government' and wanted to improve the lives of normal people. This meant that people trusted him and wanted the support he could give them. Hoover was hated so much his name was never mentioned. He seemed to be heartless and was a 'do nothing president.' ...read more.


Huey Long was preparing himself to be a rival president up for election against Roosevelt but then he was assassinated in 1935. After everyone who had opposed had shred their views, Roosevelt had concluded that the only people who supported him were the voters. Despite all this though, he still became president so obviously the support he had was enough to make him part of the government of America. 3.) Was the new deal a success or a failure? Explain your answer. The new deal was a success and a failure in many ways; this is because different groups were influenced by different rules. Some groups approved of them and other groups didn't. However, this didn't change the fact that the new deal revolutionised people's lives. There were many black Americans in America at the time of the new deal and these black Americans were ignored and exploited when the rules were introduced. The farmers were paid not to produce crops on their land. Most of the black citizens worked on this land so this left millions of them unemployed. Also house clearance schemes made many blacks homeless. So the farmers thought the new deal was a success and the black citizens thought that the new deal was a failure. ...read more.


After president Hoover Americans thought they couldn't trust the government as they were doing nothing to help or improve their lives, however Roosevelt changed people's opinions and they started to trust and respect American democracy a lot more. The new deal did bring many success and failures but I think that the new deal was a failure because the new deal didn't solve unemployment problems, help get food for poor people or help black Americans. The only people that really did think the prohibition was a success were the farmers. I think the new deal was a failure because at the time the new deal only increased unemployment rates and didn't immediately give the Americans the help they needed. The new deal was only a success in the long run after years of people working hard and I think the only reason the new deal was passed was because America needed a change and they took every chance that they were given even if it didn't turn out all right. The new deal bought starvation to more people than before and many were continuing to lose sight of the end of terrible times. The new deal changed peoples lives for good and bad but I think it didn't contribute to the way America began to start their economy and businesses again. ...read more.

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