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Appeasement, Czechoslovakia and the Causes of WWII

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What was appeasement? Appeasement was the policy in attempt to prevent war by offering the aggressor at least a part of what they threatened to fight for. This was shown when Hitler started rearming- building up his army. Britain and France turned a blind eye to these breaches of the Treaty of Versailles. It was also shown in 1936 again, Hitler moved his troops into the Rhineland. In 1938 Hitler went further. He invaded Austria and declared Anschluss. This too broke the Treaty of Versailles. France and Britain each time did nothing. Explain why Hitler wanted to take over the Czechoslovakia? Hitler had many reason to take over Czechoslovakia. One was Hitler?s ideology which demanded the addition of ?lebensraum?, living space, to Germany's borders. ...read more.


It had factories for processing chemicals, steel, coal, iron ore, and had numerous power stations and arms works. The following were reasons why war broke out Invasion of Poland Signing of the Nazi-Soviet pact Britain?s policy of appeasement Which of these do you think was the most important? One of the reasons Britain adapted the policy of appeasement was because of Britain?s economic state, millions were unemployed in Britain and similar economic problems existed across Europe. The depression damaged Britain greatly. This in turn meant that Britain wasn't in a position to wage war in Europe and maintain the security of the Empire. The armed forces were not large enough or well enough equipped to cope, rearmament was very expensive and not the highest priority. ...read more.


So, Stalin sought a pact with his enemy- Hitler. Hitler had reasons to sign this pact also. By the summer of 1939, Hitler?s plans to invade Poland were complete. He realised that invading Poland will cause Britain and France to to attack him from the West, because of the polish guarantee, but he was more concerned to avoid a Russian attack from the east as well. Therefore to avoid a war on two fronts, he arranged the Nazi-Soviet Pact, which said that the two countries were not to support an enemy of another. There was also a secret protocol to the pact, the USSR and Germany divided their sought after land which included Poland. This factor was one step further to the break out of war. Finally, the trigger of the Second World War was the invasion of Poland. Consequently, this led to Britain declaring war in September 1939. ...read more.

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