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Cold war 1945-1954

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History Essay The Cold War 1945-1954 The Origins of the Cold War After World War 2, the Allies moved into Germany and Berlin in 1945, the US and Britain came from the west and the Russians came from the East. There was much dispute over who had the right to stay in Germany but in the end Russia stayed in the West and the rest of the allies stayed in the East. This created a lot of tension between the allies after World War 2 since Russia was strict about who left and who entered East Germany. Russians were angry at the West as they believed they had left Russian forces to fight more Germans as the war ended, thus costing Russian lives. Winston Churchill, the leader of Britain was concerned that the huge forces of Russia in Eastern Europe could become a threat to the UK and the rest of Europe. ...read more.


They managed to find about 100 people identified as 'communists' who resigned or were fired afterwards. The Hollywood ten were ten people who were questioned and refused to speak or give names, they were promptly arrested. They were taken to court and found guilty of 'Contempt to congress' and jailed for a year. They spoke out and claimed that they're were being jailed for free speech. During the trial period there were many protests in major cities for the Hollywood 10, demanding their release. Algar Hiss and the Rosenburgs A famous case of Americans being scared of a threat of communism was the Alger Hiss trial, in which a former employee of President Roosevelt, Alger Hiss, was accused of being a spy for the communist party. These claims were unfounded and never proved but further allegations were made and Hiss was brought to court. He was accused of being a high-ranking member of the communist party. ...read more.


He came to court and claimed he had a huge list of government officials who had links to communism; strangely no one ever saw these lists and McCarthy changed the number of people on the list. This provoked panic among Americans and many people lost their jobs since they were being accused of Communist ties. McCarthy mainly accused Democrats of 'being soft on communism', especially Truman and other high ranking government members. His reputation did wonders for the Republican Party who had a surge in popularity as they were seen to be stopping communism and keeping the American dream. During the 'Witch-hunts' the phrase 'Reds under the Bed' was used to describe the spread of communism to every office and home. McCarthy lost support when he went too far and attacked the Army and accused them of being sympathetic to communists and having 'Reds' in their ranks. His attacks were publicised and the public saw him as a bully. He lost influence and died of a drink related disease in 1957. ...read more.

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