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Critical assessment of the last days of the Tsar

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A critical assessment of the evidence surrounding the death of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. A. A plan of investigation In this essay I am going to assess questions like for example; upon who's order was the Royal family killed and for what reasons, why are is there a great number of interpretations of what happened to the royal family, and why do we still do not know the truth? The main question is who gave the order to kill the royal family and who carried it out. One of the most common interpretations is that Lenin gave the order to kill the Romanovs, and the red army soldiers under the commandment of Yurovski shot the entire family in the Ipatiev house. The Bolsheviks could have done it themselves, without necessarily the order from Lenin or the commissariat of Yekaterinburg made the decision, and this is how the Bolsheviks interpreted it to the entire Russian nation. The last common explanation of the murder is that it could have possible happened due to a misunderstanding, and by this I mean that a gang of anti-Tsarist commoners, could carry out the murder without being directed by any authority, so that the murder could have been accidental. To help me write this essay I will need to find as many different sources to compare and contrast the different interpretations of the murder of the Romanovs. ...read more.


We can see that even though more than ninety years have passed since the assassination of the Romanov family, people are still discussing it, as the truth is very well hidden and one of the other mysteries of this event is that two bodies were missing, when in June 1991 (find) found the mass grave of the Romanovs alongside their doctor and a maid. Source B is a very different interpretation compared to the Source A and I think that it is very biased. It is the official statement by the Soviet government in the newspaper Izvestia (1918), which was given to the people to explain of who and why killed the Tsar and his family. I personally think that it makes no sense, as it says that the presidium of the Ural Territorial Soviet decided to shoot Nicholas Romanov, as the Czechoslovak bands threatened Ekaterinburg. The presidium of the Ural Territorial Soviet could not possibly have any authority to carry out such an important decision, however we can also see this murder as a misunderstanding of instructions or a rush decision that was not made by a strong or powerful authority. Either way the Bolshevik statement was the only proof that the Tsar was shot and this certainly does not give The source also states that the Tsarina and her son were sent to a safe place, however it does not mention his daughters, which is quite bizarre. ...read more.


"The Russian legal system has never conceded that a crime was committed in 1918, effectively acquiescing in the view that the Romanovs deserved their bloody fate. The Tsar's self-styled heirs argue that it is time for "historical justice" to be restored. Skeptics believe there is more to their claim than meets the eye: a ruling in the Tsar's favor could give anyone successfully claiming to be his heir the chance to gain at least a portion of the family's one-time wealth. Alexander Zakatov, an aide to "Grand Duchess Maria", denied the Romanovs wanted to reclaim their property. But, he told the IoS, it would it would be nice if the government gave them "a building" in Moscow "as a sign of respect to a dynasty that ruled Russia for 300 years". Copyright 2006 Independent Newspapers UK Limited Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved. Source B Official statement issued by the Soviet government in Izvestia (1918)? ?Lately the approach of the Czechoslovak bands seriously threatened the capital of the Red Urals, Ekaterinburg. In view of this the presidium of the Ural Territorial Soviet decided to shoot Nicholas Romanov, which was done on July 16. The wife and son of Nicholas Romanov were sent to a safe place. The All-Russian Soviet Executive Committee, through its presidium, recognizes as correct the decisions of the Ural Territorial Soviet. http://www.alexanderpalace.org/ Polina Muranova ...read more.

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