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Dear Holocaust Survivor,

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Thursday the 24th May 2001 Dear Holocaust Survivor, Recently I have been studying the Nazi persecution and mass systematic murder of the Jewish people. Hitler first rose to power in an sly and evil way, his book "Mein Kampf" which he wrote while in prison, displayed his racist and sick views on the Jews and all types of other minorities. In times of extreme desperation, in this case the Wall Street crash and most Germans losing their money, people turn to extremes. The extremes at this time were the Nazi party and the Communists. ...read more.


This is where his Dictatorship began because there was no choice of who ran the country mainly because there were no other parties to vote for but secondly because of Hitler's Nazi Army who few dared appose. Hitler managed to murder Jew and many others by gradually building up discrimination. First he ordered Nazis to stand at the entrances of Jewish shops and businesses and turn customers away. Then he turned Jews away from the Civil Service, schools and universities. I found the fact he turned Jews away from the Civil Service interesting as it proved that he valued the extermination of the Jews more than winning the war which he obviously had pre planned. ...read more.


All the Jews who could escape to other countries did so. Eventually, in 1940, half a million Jews were caught in Poland and the Nazis began to send them to Ghettos. These Ghettos were terrible places where there was little space, starvation was common and disease was widespread. The Jewish people were desperate to leave, and when a small group was informed that they were to me moved to a better place and that they should bring pots, pans and clothes they were more than happy to go. The awful truth was that these Jews were to be shot in what was the first organized killing of the Jewish by the Nazis. The Jews were told to run down a narrow passage made by ...read more.

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