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Did health decline in the middles ages? A Case study of York.

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Did health decline in the middles ages? A Case study of York. In the middle ages the health did decline. After all Roman Citizens left York and it became very abandoned. Many buildings still stood and were left to erode away. Then in the 600s York began to grow once again becoming an important centre for the church. The middle of the city became, densely populated, but within a few hundred meters, there were rough grasslands and patches of woodland. One of York's famous citizens was named Alciun, a Scholar renowned throughout Europe, he spent all of his life in York and he wrote this description of the city: "This city is watered by the fish-rich Ouse This flows past flowery plains on every side; And hills and forests beautify the earth And make a lovely dwelling-place, whose health And riches soon will fill it full of men..." ...read more.


Rotting fish bones, human faeces, animal dung and food waste mixed underfoot in the streets. All of this and more contamination made the diseases that were around spread among the hundreds of people that were living in York. They mainly got disease from drinking contaminated water and from rats and mice contaminating the food. The life expectancy of rich in Anglo-Saxons times is as follows: The average age at death of seventeen famous Anglo-Saxon church leaders - 72 years. The average age of death of thirteen Anglo-Saxon Kings - 46 years. Conditions in York became healthier in the late middle ages because in the houses the animals had their own barns instead of staying in the houses with the humans, the houses themselves were more spaced out, they had different rooms for everything, they removed the waste ...read more.


The diets in the middles ages grew to become a lot healthier with meat, fish, dairy produce, ale, pottage and bread all being part of an everyday diet for a normal person. The life expectancy of people at this point in time is as follows: "The average age at death of thirty two bishops and abbots who died between 1300 and 1500 - 68 years. The average age at death of twenty five noblemen who died between the 1300 and 1500 - 61 years. Average age at death of thirteen noblemen who died between 1300and 1500 - 62 years. All these died of natural causes. In conclusion, I think that the Romans were healthier and more organised that Viking York as the Roman created aqueducts sewers and baths, Making living conditions healthier. When the Normans took over they changed Viking York into a healthier place. By Abbie Edwards 10D ...read more.

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