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During the 1920s the United States of America experienced an economic boom in which many Americans but not all shared a plentiful supply of raw materials, the boost helped America become the richest country in the world.

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America in the 1920s. Introduction. During the 1920s the United States of America experienced an economic boom in which many Americans but not all shared a plentiful supply of raw materials, the boost helped America become the richest country in the world. Mass Production helped boost the number of goods made in America. Mass production was simple and effective. Huge factories were set up in towns. The product would travel down the assembly line and the workers would fit parts them. Only one worker would do a single job though and when the product gets to the end of the assembly line it is finished. The motor industry used mass production the most. Other companies also benefited from the rise in the car industry. Steel, rubber, glass, leather and oil were also in greater demand because of the car industry, also new roads had to be built to ease the traffic congestion. more.


New machinery (Combine Harvesters, tractors) was helping the farmers produce more food, but they started to produce too much food and there was a food surplus in America. Then the food prices dropped and the Farmers income dropped and the smaller farms suffered. The farmers found it hard to keep up with the mortgage payments and then got evicted. Some farmers had to sell some of there land and the farm workers soon found them selves without work and drifted towards the towns and cities where the fruit farms promised them work. Black people also suffered, 1,000,000 black farm workers had to move from their homes in the south to the cities in the north. Here they were able to find jobs but they were usually the lowest paid people. Not all industries benefited from the boom, the coal industry suffered as new forms of fuel became popular. more.


It was not long before people realised the vast profits that could be made on the selling of alcohol. One day in 1929 AL Capone's gang machined gunned down seven members of the rival "Bugs" Morgan gang. The gang members bribed the police, judges and state officials to turn a blind eye to what was going on in the streets through the day and the night. Organised crime also bought its way in to the legal business activities and the trade unions. Jazz music was a popular kind of music usually performed by black jazzmen. Radio gave the Americans a chance to listen to new music such as the Charleston and the black bottom. The cinema brought its own stars, the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford and Clara bow. In 1930 the major film companies had studios in Hollywood. Flappers were women that wore shorter skirts and silk stocking and make-up. They had short bobbed hair, smoked and drove cars. Only a small percentage of women behaved like this. more.

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