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Economic Success was the main Reason for the Popularity of the Nazis in Germany Before the Second World War'. Use the Sources and your own Knowledge to Explain Whether you Agree with this view

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'Economic Success was the main Reason for the Popularity of the Nazis in Germany Before the Second World War'. Use the Sources and your own Knowledge to Explain Whether you Agree with this view I do agree with this statement to a certain degree. Firstly, I would argue that the economy was actually fully successful. Because yes, Hitler did get Germany more jobs, but by doing this, and spending so much on re-armament, he decreased almost every single German's living standards. How is that successful? The German economy at this time, was definitely not as successful as Hitler thought and not as successful as everyone else thought either. Germany was putting on a big front, a kind of show for the rest of the world. I do agree however that the Economic situation had something to do with the popularity of the Nazis. ...read more.


The working class were usually Communists because they promised to share the country's wealth equally. This is why Hitler felt that the working class were the area of people who he had to get through the most. The other social factor that led to the Nazis popularity was the fact that they were a very strong dictatorship rather than a democratically run, which the previous government (the Weimar Government) had been. They had failed, and this was why people liked Hitler and the Nazis so much, because they were completely different to the Weimar government. Because of the Weimar government, the people of Germany welcomed dictatorship, which rapidly improved their popularity. An example of the Nazis strong leadership was when they passed the Enabling act. They did this without consulting the Reichstag at all, and nobody complained or had anything to say about it at all The second group of factors, which led to the Nazis being so popular, were the social factors. ...read more.


Another social factor was that of race. The Nazi attitudes and policy towards the Jews and disabled etc. We do not know if this was actually accepted by the Germans, or if it was popular with them. But, yet again, there is no evidence that the Germans did not like the policies or did not accept them, because there were never any strikes about the prejudice against the non - ayrian race. No one of any importance tried to stand up to Hitler ever. Another example was the night of long knives. This was the night when all of the Nazis and German citizens that supported the Nazis got together and smashed all of windows in all of the Jewish shops that they could find, and they went and also smashed the windows of the Jew's places of worship. This was never taken to court, and nobody was ever prosecuted. ...read more.

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