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Evacuation Sources Question

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Evacuation Sources Question 1. Source b shows that the Evacuees looked very happy and willing to evacuate their homes to go to a smaller town to get sway from the big cities, away from their families and friends. I doubt this very much because who would enjoy leaving their homes and families. This photograph is probably for a newspaper and intended for the general public. The photograph is a bit limited due to there not being any quotes or paragraphs with the photograph. This is a primary source but may have been used in propaganda purposes. I think that this was produced to lead the general public into a false sense of security. Source C suggests that the children were afraid of evacuating and this is totally opposite to source B. It is a primary source but it is in 1988. The teacher may have forgotten a little bit about it and a diary would be a more useful source to use. This person has been interviewed to gather accurate information for a historian. This is a more useful source than source B as it is being described by an "evacuee" and has not been altered in any way. ...read more.


It is a useful source but not in depth as some of the other sources. It is reliable as it's a primary source but has been taken in 1988. To conclude this, they are both reliable but both reminisce about different parts of the evacuation and they are different because they are from different classes of people talking about different parts of the evacuation. 5. Source A is a description of the evacuation and has probably been made up of several other sources relevant to the evacuation and also the historians view. The purpose of the author producing this source is to give an accurate conclusion towards the evacuation in 1939, as it is a secondary source and a historians view. The historian could be trying to be negative. It is intended for students learning about World War II and would have probably been put together to give an accurate conclusion of the evacuation and the relation between the host family and the evacuees. It is actually suggesting that the children were badly behaved and were "fouling the gardens" and bed-wetting. This is probably due to being away from their families. The country people could not the attitude and deprivation of the town children. ...read more.


Source D is also a source that shows that the evacuation was a success and the evacuees were settling down with their host families and were healthy and clean too. It is a photograph taken by the government so it could and probably was used for propaganda. It is most probable that it was used to reassure parents that their children were healthy and eating properly. I would not say that this source is useful because it cannot be proven that it is a reliable source. Source C is against source D. Source E is trying to show that the children didn't settle in their host families and were afraid that they couldn't even go to the toilet properly. My thoughts are that they were missing their families and their homes. This is a very useful source as it is an interview with the mother of a host family. It is also reliable because it is a primary source. Source F is also against source D. The interviewer is trying to get rid of the stereotypes set by articles and photographs like source D. My conclusion is that the evacuation didn't run as smoothly as the propaganda said it did. Several evacuees have been interviewed and are totally against some of the newspaper articles. Propaganda cannot be trusted as it is being used to help lift the morale of the country. ...read more.

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