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Explain the Holocaust Era In As Much Detail As Possible.

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EXPLAIN THE HOLOCAUST ERA IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE In 1935 there were already 8 million Jews living in Germany. Between 1939 and 1945 six million Jews were killed in parts of Europe controlled by the Nazis. It wasn't just the Jews that were slaughtered it was gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses and mentally handicapped people. They were killed for no reason at all, just for a man called Hitler who was obsessed with the Jews. This is known as the "Holocaust"! The Holocaust, what does it mean? Well the Holocaust means 'Sacrifice' The Jews don't like this word because they like to use this word called Churban, which means 'destruction'. I actually prefer the Jews term better. Because how could an attempt to wipe out the whole population of the Jews be a sacrifice. A sacrifice is where you kill something symbolically not for hatred or self-respect. So how did it all happen? Well in my last project the Treaty Of Versailles was drawn up to stop fighting and one of the things that they made up was the League of Nations. But that wasn't the solution to the problems that happened. This is why: 1 Membership Not all of the great powers were members of the league. The USA never became a member. Germany did not join until 1926, and left the league in 1933. Russia was not invited to join at first, but in 1934 became a member in an attempt to join forces against Hitler. Japan left in 1933 and Italy in 1935. This badly weakened the league. 2 Organization Meetings of the league were few and far between. Decisions were made to slowly. Sometimes they were even too late for an effective action. 4 Britain and France The responsibility for making the league work fell onto these two countries. Britain and France's Governments were not to enthusiastic. They often preferred to sign treaties outside the league, and often went behind their backs. ...read more.


Neighbours, even families, spied on each other and reported private conversations. However by 1937, after 4 years of the Nazi rule, most Germans were satisfied with Hitler. In 1933, the economy was in a really bad state with over six million people unemployed. But by 1937 unemployment was under one million. Hitler reduced the figures by sending people to labour corps. At fourteen the boys were expected to join the Hitler youth and girls in the league of maidens. Hitler was very keen to see women carry out their traditional role of being a housewife like cleaning the house and looking after the kids. They marched, sang songs and, from time to time went to work camps. There they had to listen to more Nazi propaganda lectures! Hitler liked all of this because this let the children develop very friendly relations so that the girls could 'donate a child to the Fuhrer' and then make sure that the German race stays racially pure. As many as 100,000 Hitler Youth and BdM girls attended the Nazi rally in Nuremberg in 1936 and 900 of the girls came home pregnant. Because of this the girls in the league got a really bad reputation. Girls were told to study either language or domestic science in secondary school. The school-leaving certificate was nicknamed 'the pudding level'. Girls were also told not to perm their hair, wear make-up or trousers, smoking in public, and dieting. Hitler knew that smoking and slimness gave the women less chance of having children. And Hitler wanted lots of Kids to be born so he could brain wash them at an early age! But lots of women supported this rule anyway! What I think about this rule is that it was a good idea but Hitler really shouldn't have encouraged girls to get pregnant at a very young age! And Hitler really shouldn't tell the girls what to do, they should decide themselves, anything can be better than getting them pregnant! ...read more.


Before I started this project I had no idea what the Holocaust was. I hadn't even heard of the term used. After this project on the destruction I knew that I was missing out on lots of world issues. I had no idea how a man couldn't have any feelings like Hitler. It's like he wasn't even human. I think all of his hatred and anger had come from the First World War when he was a messenger. He saw all of his friends being shot down and killed in front of his eyes. Then the treaty Of Versailles. He must have felt so much revenge for anybody who stopped Germany from winning. I think he really needed counselling at this time of his life, which would have really helped him. Hitler then had so much power he didn't really know what to do with it. His personality must have changed and then he must have thought that he could change the world! On the next page I fished out an article on the Second World War. The first one was about a Nazi war criminal who was living in Milton Keynes after being chucked out of America for his position in the concentration camps where he was thought to have killed over 80,000 people in a camp in America. He was an SS. It says that another suspected war criminal was Konrad Kalejs who was allowed to leave Britain. From my point of view it is absolutely disgusting of them to kill all of those people. But I can kind off understand why they did it. Other wise they might have been killed. So they were kind of saving there own life but that still doesn't make it right. The other article is about a man who went to Germany and swapped a packet of cigarettes for Hitler's hand written Reinstag speech. They were on pieces of paper to remind Hitler on what he was saying and what he was going to say. He is thought to be getting �15,000 from an auction. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Germany 1918-1939 section.

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