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Explain the Main Features of the New Deal.

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Explain the Main Features of the New Deal America in the 1920s was an extremely prosperous nation. People had cars and were living affluent lives - America's economy was reverberating. However, in 1929, the Wall Street crash happened. It immensely affected the lives of millions living in America. 12.1 million people were unemployed and the country was heading into recession. The American president at the time, Herbert Hoover, didn't take much action, as he believed that the phase would just pass and America's economy would revive itself. He was very much mistaken. The people of America had lost all faith in Hoover and soon, they elected a man named Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt had a plan; he called this the 'New Deal' which he stated would revive the American economy. There were two stages in his plan: The first phase happened in the first 100 days of his presidency. The second phase of his aims, most of which focused on long term goals, was passed in 1935. The policy of the government helping the people of its country was very new to American people, as their previous policy was that people would earn money through labour and work. ...read more.


These alphabet agencies provided relief, as they assisted unemployed people to gain work, for example, in the WPA. There were alphabet agencies that were established to revive the American economy. These were linked to the recovery aim of the New Deal. The first of these was the Emergency Banking Act, which aimed to help banks to prosper. Roosevelt went onto American radio to get people to send their money back into the banks. The aims of this was to restore the confidence of investments into people and to do this, they made all the weak banks remain closed for at least four days and that allowed the stronger banks to regroup and begin to prosper again. Banks that did could be saved received government grants so that the people would regain confidence in them. The Securities Act was soon introduced and this aimed to bring Wall Street under control and to restore people's confidence in investing in shares by making the businesses issue full information about themselves to the public when they buy their shares. This was also closely linked a little bit to the reform act because they wanted a just society and by making businesses show what they really are when the members of the public buy their shares is the first step towards it. ...read more.


In this way, he restored people's confidence in the society. In conclusion, Roosevelt aimed to restore people's confidence in the country by helping them through the rough times they faced in the period after the Wall Street crash. His aims were to get America successful again. He passed all the acts mentioned above in order to achieve the aims and the goals he set out to achieve in the first place. All the acts that he passed were in order to achieve the objectives. Roosevelt's New Deal was constructed to offer relief to the unemployed, for example through the PWA, who helped unemployed unskilled workers get jobs. Roosevelt also aimed to offer recovery towards the economy after the Wall Street Crash, by creating such agencies as the Securities Act and the Agriculture Adjustment Administration, the latter of which aimed to make farmers produce less so that they earned more. His last aim was to create an alliance between government and industry, which would help the worker, and the Wagner Act helped Roosevelt do this. The New Deal came in two parts and concentrated on the areas of finance, business and agriculture. Abbas Tejani ...read more.

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