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Good Morning Gentlemen, I am here today to tell you about Germanys greatest people, The SS.The SS belongs to Germany and every single one of you here should be very proud to be part of it

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Sept. 1934 Berlin Speech to the new intake informing them of our expectations: Good Morning Gentlemen, I am here today to tell you about Germanys greatest people, The SS. The SS belongs to Germany and every single one of you here should be very proud to be part of it. The SS is very important. It is led by extremely powerful leaders and if you are in the SS you have to be determined. There is no time for fun and games. Most of you in here are the Arian race (blond hair, blue eyes, tall and thin) which is what we want in Germany although if you are not, there is no need to worry because we have investigated your back round and you have no Jewish connections. I am going to start off today by talking about the appearance of the SS. The kinds of people we look for in the SS are no normal people. ...read more.


In 1932 the SS began to develop army-style units. When Nazis came to power in 1933 Himmler set out to bring all of German's police forces under SS control. There was some completion, which was getting in Himmlers way though. Opposition was not good and we had to get rid of it. For example Gustav von Kahr who betrayed Hitler in the Putsch in 1923 was murdered. Another murder squad went to the house of General Kurt Schliecher, a former chancellor, who had said things against Hitler. He was shot dead along with his wife. The most extensive and successful slaughter we had was the night of the long knives (30th June/1st July 1934). Many were killed on this night including several storm troopers. The leader Ernst Rohm was also killed. Another 400 were killed. This may seem like we took it to far but the Storm troopers were mostly thugs and greedy. ...read more.


The aim of these camps were to get rid of people who were ruining Germany and doing no good to the country. Most prisionors are Christains, Gypsies, homosexuals and Jews. These camps are good and teach people abit of law and order. If people disabay the rules of the camps there are consequences. The camps were a final solution I am going to finish off by telling you about role models. Reinhard Heydrich and myself should be role models. Reinhard Heydrich was a former naval officer who joined the SS in 1932, after his dismissal from the navy. He headed the SS Security Service, a Nazi party intelligence agency. In 1933-1934, he became head of the political police. You should look up to this man. I am the leader of this training school I so I expect respect from everyone here and then we will get on fine. I hope this speech has helped you understand a bit more than you originally knew about the SS. Thanks for Listening William Smith (Head of Schutzstaffel training school in Bavaria) ...read more.

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