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History essay "The United States"

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Coursework The United States 1919 - 1941 In source A I am going to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of Roosevelt's role in the new deal. Source A is taken from "From America in the Twentieth Century", an American textbook by James T Patterson, 1918. This is a secondary source probably based on many primary sources as the writer wasn't around at the time of the events. It shows the entire warm hearted and a good side of Roosevelt. It lacks detail and mainly shows Opinion one side biased which is a weakness. However it does provide a clear point of view on Roosevelt and the new deal, it's easy to understand although the language is rather over the top. It is also very informative and talks about "fireside chats" answering the "avalanche of mail". Source E shows figures from the United States government. This is a primary source as the figures were made at the time of the events. The figures show the percentage of unemployed from 1929 to 1933. ...read more.


Source F in my opinion is not a very reliable source and is negative. It is mocking and making fun of the new deal, many Americans would have loved to work but 60 000 000 was not allowed as companies believed in 'Laissez Faire' and objected to the support from trade unions in attempt to boost their wages, they also opposed to the codes of fair competition. Both sources are useful for different reasons; source E for showing how the new deal helped unemployment and source F for showing not everyone liked the new deal. In my opinion Roosevelt was bold but could have been bolder. To be bold is to be brave, courageous and confident. By looking at source A you know straight away Roosevelt was a bold person as it describes him as having "an air of confidence" and he helped the "ordinary people" who were perhaps not as brave. ...read more.


From my own knowledge I know that many people felt let down by the new deal. Yes the number of unemployment did decrease but it was still a high percentage as shown in source E, and lives of black people and farm workers who lived in areas affected by the 'dust bowl' were still very unpleasant and hard. Huey long was one of the three people who opposed strongly to the new deal and Roosevelt, he was perhaps Roosevelt's rival, he became popular by bribing the Americans saying if they elected him to be president he would vow to give each of them between $500 and $4000 from $3 000 000 worth of his personal fortunes, (on average an American would get $2000 a year!). In my opinion Roosevelt did work hard but he could have worked harder to improve the lives of everyone, most importantly black people and farm workers. He was bold, but not bold enough. Nonetheless people should be grateful and give him gratitude for the help and support he did give them. ...read more.

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