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hitler threats

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Asses the main threats to Hitler's political power in the years 1933-1934 Hitler faced many threats to his political power in the years 1933-1934. Having just assumed power, he faced many different opposing forces attempting to unsettle his reign through their unrest, and attempting to remove him from power. One of the most potent threats to Hitler's power was the SA. Source 1 highlights the difference between the two sides. The source, quoting Ernst Rohm, leader of the SA, states that he foresees Hitler's political power being wrecked by a 'reactionary opposition' Having had a strained relationship with the SA leader Ernst Rohm already, this could be seen a warning to Hitler to sort things out or the SA will act it also highlights his ability to form opposition through propaganda on a public stage. ...read more.


They wanted to protect their interests, and so needed a stable government to ensure that. Source 2 points out, from the opposite perspective, that they are just 'uncertain about the hierarchy of authority' which expands to highlight the fact that nobody knows the extent of upper class status under Hitler's reign, which certainly would unsettle the elites. This is furthered by source 1 which poses a literal threat to Hitler. It states that they will act 'if they are unwilling-without-them' and then 'if necessary-against them'. This is a serious threat to Hitler, as it's not just a stark warning, but a publicly conducted warning, which announces an anti-Hitler message, that could prove costly to his political power. ...read more.


Similarly source 3, a speech by Von Papen, associates the communists when it conveys the message that a firm 'social structure' must arise, alongside his history with the communists, allowing Hitler in to power to relinquish their threat, Von Papen poses the idea of a communist threat really threatening Hitler's political power. In conclusion is seems that Hitler faced many political threats. Of course the elites were threatening because of their power and hierarchy status, and the communists had the benefit of being an alternative should a revolution take place, but due to the power and military prowess of the SA, if they had risen to take power, then they would have had the power and numbers to assume control, making them the biggest threat to Hitler's political power. ...read more.

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