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Hitler Youth

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How did Hitler control the German youth? Hitler wanted to control the German youth because Hitler knew he would never get the support off the majority of the adults in Germany and also if he were to control the youth Hitler was able to make an impact on the future. To do this; Hitler changed the school's curriculum so Nazi ideas were taught in school and also held youth meetings. With long term aim of giving the youths the aggression needed for war. Hitler wanted the youth to be strong, violent, masterful, brave, cruel and to have had no intellectual training as he thought it wasn't important. ...read more.


Also at the meetings, the children were encouraged to tell tales whether their parents and other adults had ever spoken of anti-Nazi ideas. The curriculum also saw dramatic changes; it was designed to teach what the Nazi's wanted the young people to think. The subject changes include; P.E - Boys were taught mainly boxing but also took part in other aggressive/tactical sports, whereas, girls were taught homemaking and childcare because the Nazi's view of the girl's role in Germany was church, kitchen and children. Biology - Pupils were instructed on the Nazi racial ideas and the superiority of the Aryan race, (selective breeding). ...read more.


However, many German youths decided to rebel against the Nazi laws by staying out late, writing graffiti on public walls, assaulting Hitler youth workers, drinking, smoking, listening to jazz music, not turning up to meetings and having sex. Hitler attempted to control the bad behaviour by introducing curfews, giving harsher punishments such as; hard labour, banning public smoking/drinking and even sentencing some students to death. To conclude, Hitler introduced new laws, changed the school curriculum, set up a Hitler youth, used propaganda to attract the children, and set physical and personal standards for the youth to control them. Even though the youths began to rebel Hitler introduced harsher laws to in order control them. However, the Hitler youth still remained to be popular with the German youth. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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