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how and why has the battle of britian been considered the RAF's finest hour

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HOW AND WHY HAS THE BATTLE OF BRITIAN BEEN CONSIDERED THE RAF'S 'FINEST HOUR'? During the summer of 1940 Hitler was preparing for an operation called "Operation Sea lion" which would comprise of the plan of the invasion of Britain. After launching a blitzkrieg attack against France, Belgium and Holland. In they eyes of Hitler and the nazi organisation this was an outstanding success even though the Dutch had put up an incredible defence. Within the first days Holland had fallen to the mercy of the nazi's hands and then later came France and Belgium. The French had put up a defence of underground forts or also known as the magi not line to try and keep the nazi's out and stop they attack on France, or at least Holt it. But to the French soldiers shock the Germans did not attack this line of defence, instead it was their plan to focus on the weakest part of the French defence, they Ardennes. The French resistance was unable to keep the Germans from attacking. The French fled to the channel to meet up with the Belgium's but surrendered. Hitler's next plan was to invade Britain, but to accomplish this he needed the control of the sky, which was over the channel, and also land. ...read more.


On source B5 there is also a propaganda poster from 1940 giving a tribute to the pilots, 'Never was so much owed by so many to so few'. These were the words of Winston Churchill, spoke to increase morale and also to refer to the pilots of their bravery and devotion. Two historians named C & K shepherd provided these two sources, you can trust they information that they have provided you with because these historians write a lot of school history textbooks, particularly for KS3 so you would think these sources are accurate and should be reliable. Not many people really thought of the role of woman in the battle of Britain but they did play a key role in the success of defeating Hitler and the nazi's in source C1 it gives you information about the different roles of women during the battle of Britain. Source C1 gives you a variety of different images of woman working ad doing their bit towards the battle of Britain. Many women flew newly built aircrafts from the factors to the air bases. "When you see a girl in uniform with a bit of ribbon on her tunic, remember she didn't get it for knitting more socks than anyone else." ...read more.


This is a very good and informal source because it is from an eyewitness who was also a very well known and popular fighter pilot. In my opinion I think this source this source can be trusted and is also accurate. On they other hand Germany had a lot more planes and a lot more experienced fighter pilots, Germany had been training 800 new pilots a month where as Britain had just 200 been trained a month, so Germany at that point had a greater advantage. In source C5 it is informing you of the performance of each countries planes and also the pros and cons of the two different types of aircraft, the German (ME109) and also the British (hurricane). I think this source was very good and also interesting because it talks about the advantages and disadvantages of British air defence and also Germanys defence. In my opinion I think the battle of britian was considered the RAF finest hour, because the RAF was able to defeat Hitler and the nazi's with a lot less number of planes and also a minimum number of pilots been trained a month, where as Germany has almost twice as many trained pilots each month. Theoretically Hitler should have been able to invade Britain because he had a lot more planes and resources, and a much more larger army, but they RAF pulled through. ...read more.

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