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How did Hitler become chancellor in 1933?

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Zac Potts 26 April 2007 How did Hitler become chancellor in 1933? In 1933 The Nazi Party was the biggest Single party in the Reichstag, But not the majority party. Hitler demanded the post of chancellor from president Hindenburg. However, President Hindenburg was suspicious of Hitler and refused to give him the post. He asked the present Chancellor, Franz von Papen, to stay in office and enabled him to rule by use of the presidential emergency powers. However, Von Papen had virtually no support in the Reichstag and was soon in trouble. He called a new election in 1932, once again the Nazis were the largest party in the Reichstag, although their vote had fallen a bit. ...read more.


On 30th January 1933, Hitler was only one of three Nazis in a cabinet of twelve, but he was soon able to consolidate his power. Hitler had ended up being chancellor because both Hindenburg and von Papen had greatly underestimated Hitler's power; they were convinced that they could control him. They were wrong. They did not just pick Hitler out of hat for the position, they selected him for his many great attributes that made him one of the most influential, but also one of the most dangerous men of his time. Hitler's superior speaking skills made him able to influence the views and opinions of the German nation. His persuasive language and intensity at his many rallies and public meetings made the German public believe him. ...read more.


The Nazi campaign methods were very modern and effective, they used generalised slogans rather than detailed policies. They talked about traditional values and going back to them, they never made very clear what this meant, thus making criticism very hard. If a policy was criticised they were likely to drop it. The Nazis blamed, at every opportunity, The Jews, the Weimar politicians, The T of V and the ' November Criminals '. The president Hindenburg needed a strong chancellor, someone who could control, and had support of, the Reichstag. The failure of the Weimar govt. was obvious to the public, the general German attitude was that democracy and the democratic parties had failed them Hitler had it all, the support of the German people and the support of the Reichstag. ...read more.

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