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How reliable and useful is the evidence about Stoke Bruerne?

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STOKE BRUERNE Vandyke History Department and People made the "Site Visit and Teacher Explaining" source. It was made since the 1800 until this present year, 2008. The source was primary because of the building which is from the time and also the source is secondary because of Mr Wilson which is teacher who researched from the primary sources. The purpose of the source is to achieve our GCSE, show transport change, understand and see it. The source is reliable because of the date which is primary and Mr Wilson which is reliable because of his research, his qualified/qualification and his reputation. Also, it's reliable because it educates us. The strengths of this source are we can see it visually, its primary and personal experience of Mr Wilson. But the weaknesses are we can't understand the past because we're not there, we have to believe it even though Mr Wilson just made it up. The source was useful for answering question one, it's because all the information came from this source. The site visit tells me the following information, in 1835, Lock 15 was built. The same information can be found in Canal Co' Minutes. An example of this is "purchased land". As the source match in their content, I judge the reliable. The historian uses the source so that they can see the impact of the transport to the village and it changes physically. ...read more.


He is also a professional. The strengths of this source are its 2 documents that are been compared which shows the changes of the jobs and their business. It's also detailed and its facts, not opinion. But the weaknesses are that he might miss some information because of 5 year gap and of not the exact dates. We can't understand because of brief notes and shorthanded writing. The source was useful for answering question one, it's because its shows about George Savage and their individual stories that change Stoke Bruerne. The Whittaker tells me the following information; George Savage owned the Navigation Inn in 1874 then got shut down in 1879 because of the impact of the trains. The same information can be found in our site visit in Stoke Bruerne. Also, in 1879, Woodward family owned Boat Inn and shows owned since 1877. The historian uses the source so that they would know about family history and their jobs. Also, how the transport changes people's business and their lives. The Canal Company made the "Canal Co' Minutes" source. It was made in 10th March 1835 and 7th August 1851. The source is primary because it's at that time when they wrote this about building a new lock. The purpose of the source is to keep records of what happen to the canal. ...read more.


As the source match in their content, I judge the reliable. The shop and the museum made the "Postcards" source. It was made in the summer of the year 2004. The source is primary because it's a photo which we can see and the brightness of it. The purpose of the source is to make the tourists bought it and send it to their family/friends so that to see what it's like in Stoke Bruerne. Also, the purpose of it is to get well known. The source is not reliable because this source is only about money which is their aimed. The strengths of the source are it shows the canal and its primary. But the weakness is it's all about lies of the people. The source was not useful for answering question one, it's because it didn't tells us about the transport changes and it just all about business. The Postcards shows us the two locks which we saw in our site visit in Stoke Bruerne. The Postcards tells me about what the village look like. We saw the same when we visit in Stoke Bruerne. But in the postcard it only shows good stuff about the village, it's because what they want is money. So, I judge the source not reliable. The historian uses the source as evidence of tourism in the village. And the village represent in the Postcards in pretty, perfect and it's best because people buy beautiful stuff. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dexter Lloa WJNN ...read more.

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