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How was the Schlieffen Plan supposed to work?

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How was the Schlieffen Plan supposed to work? In this essay I shall be writing about how the Schlieffen Plan was suppose to work to make Germany victorious against Russia and France, and how they were going to fight on two fronts. * How were the Germans going to invade France in just 6 weeks? * Why did the plan come about? * Who was Schlieffen? * How was the Schlieffen plan meant to work? When the Germans agreed to help the Austro-Hungarians the Russians were ready to support the Serbs. Another problem was France and Russia were allies, therefore if they attacked one country they could end up fighting two countries instead. There was a possibility that Germany could fight Russia on the Eastern front and France on the Western Front. ...read more.


In order for this to succeed they had to go through Belgium. Germany could not go through France because of the Mountains and forestry landscape, which would take too much time to cross. Since time was of the essence, going through Belgium was going to make their lives a lot easier. The German Kaiser had not thought about Great Britain interfering, as thought the treaty Great Britain had signed in 1839 as a little scrap of paper. Belgium was closer to Paris, which is the capital city of France, which was vital to have under control in order to conquer the country. Most of Frances population lived in the heart of France, Paris, therefore if it was knock out so was the whole country. ...read more.


But if the Russians, were to gather their army before Germany could switch Schlieffen and his successor, von Moltke, believed the Austro-Hungarians forces could keep them occupied. A man named von Moltke revised the plan of Schlieffen. The Schlieffen Plan Map This diagram shows the five different troops that were planed to enter France to invade the capital Paris. As you can see the Paris is surrounded my armies. In conclusion to my essay I think Germany had come up with the Schlieffen Plan to avoid fighting on two fronts by quickly beating France and then quickly turn around towards the eastern Front to fight Russia. The Plan mainly depended on speed. Name: Abdul Odud Candidate: no: 5115 Stepney Green School: 10548 ...read more.

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