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In what ways did the Black Power movement differ from the main Civil Rights movement?

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In what ways did the Black Power movement differ from the main Civil Rights movement? Martin Luthur King and Malcolm X were two of the most important people in black history. With their struggle to make America view black people as equals, their speeches were inspirational and always made their message clear. The two men joined the fight for equality for similar reasons. King's family were terrorised by all the whites in his area, and X's father was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan This inspired and motivated both to challenge society. Whilst fighting for the same thing - equality for blacks - the movements they became involved with went about achieving their goals in completely different ways. ...read more.


The NOI was founded by Wallace D Ford in 1930, with Elijah Mohammed as the "prophet," later replaced by the more famous Malcolm X. The Nation of Islam hated white America as much as white America hated them. They campaigned for equality but segregation - to remain separate, but to gain the same facilities as white people had and not to be treated as inferior. Their argument was that if Christianity was the religion of white people, then God must be Satan as white culture sired the Ku Klux Klan, Jim crow laws, racism, murder, castration and the unrestricted exploitation of Negro workers. ...read more.


to make themselves known. However, the NOI favoured violence to make their point, "I don't go along with non - violence unless everybody's going to be non - violent...you get freedom by letting your enemy know that you'll do anything to get your freedom; then you'll get it." - Malcolm X. The content of the speeches may have been different, but the style was the same. They both used religion in their speeches to inspire and motivate the black population to fight for their rights. They used persuasive language as well as the force behind their words to show people that changes needed to be made. Whilst campaigning for different things, the two movements underlying goal was the same; to make America stop viewing black people as inferior citizens. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zara Swanton Question 2 ...read more.

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