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It has been difficult to implement the Good Friday Agreement because of many different issues a few of these are differing aspirations, sectarianism and security.

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History Coursework It has been difficult to implement the Good Friday Agreement because of many different issues a few of these are differing aspirations, sectarianism and security. Differing Aspirations has always been a big factor between unionists and nationalists. This stems back to partition which left unionists and nationalists divided. Now it means that the UUP and the DUP are wanting opposite things from the SDLP and Sinn Fein. These differing aspirations have led to many disagreements in the Good Friday Agreement; one of the disagreements would be the North-South ministerial Council, this was designed to link the aspirations of unionists and nationalists but it was seen by unionists as a leap towards a united Ireland but nationalists seen it as a positive link between north and south of Ireland. Power sharing had been tried before in 1974 with the Sunningdale agreement. Another problem was Sinn Fein ministers refusing to fly the Union Jack from government this has been a problem in the past because of the nationalists' minority in Northern Ireland. ...read more.


The recent election shows that Northern Ireland is more divided now than it was in 1998. Security is one of the largest problems inside this issues there are many smaller issues. The loss of the name and symbols of the RUC and the introduction of 50/50 recruitment into the police service has angered unionists. In the 1920's the RUC emerged as a mainly Protestant force, this was because the IRA targeted Catholics when they joined. Many Catholics did not recognise the new state and rejected the RUC from the beginning. Unionists are angered by the loss of the RUC because of the IRA campaign against them which lasted from 1969-1994. Decommissioning was expected by 2000 by the Good Friday Agreement however it didn't happen until October 2001 and it was not full decommission. There have been two further acts of decommissioning since most recent was at the end of October 2003. Unionists were angered by this and didn't believe that the IRA would decommission because of the past activity of the IRA during "The Troubles" and their 30 year long violent campaign which made it difficult for unionists to trust them. ...read more.


These types of issues are the hardest to deal with as people remember those who died in the RUC or who were killed by paramilitary sources. Some examples are Prisoner release, Drumcree, Holy Cross dispute and internment. Prisoner release is a highly emotive issue as it is the release of criminals under the Good Friday Agreement, the prisoners include those which my have killed my people, this angers many people. Many emotive issues from the past still are on people's minds today as many people were killed such as Bloody Sunday and Bloody Sunday. The IRA issued and apology for all the civilians they killed, this angered unionists as they didn't apologise for the policemen and army soldiers who were killed. In conclusion I think that there are many reasons why the agreement has been hard to implement. It has a lot to do with religious and political ideas becoming closer together. I believe that if in future we want to move ahead we need to forget about the past. ?? ?? ?? ?? History Coursework Amy Tosh 12u ...read more.

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