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It has proved hard to bring peace to Northern Ireland.

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It has proved hard to bring peace to Northern Ireland. There are many factors causing the difficulties. I think some are more important than others are. I think the most important factors are as follows. Religion is a problems because throughout history there have been rivalries between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Paramilitaries are a problem because they have a huge amount of control. Difference of opinions between people is a problem because it has been difficult to keep everyone happy. Extremists, to justify their actions, often refer to history. Politics has been a problem because there has not always been a balance of power between people of different opinions. Social groups have caused a problem because they have separated the two different religions and not learnt to compromise and live together in peace. Each factor is complex but proves why it has been difficult to bring peace. Currently, the Good Friday Agreement, set up in 1998, is in action to help keep peace in Northern Ireland. This agreement states, for example, that the Northern Ireland assembly runs Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland assembly must have an equal number of seats for Unionists and Nationalists, so there are a range of views. ...read more.


They did this for their political rights. The leaders were executed and many felt this punishment was too harsh. Many Nationalists today bring up the Easter Rising (particularly paramilitaries) and use it to justify why they take action for their political rights. This is done as wall paintings, which clearly get their message across. Today many people are prepared to compromise in order to bring peace although it has been difficult because many people want different things. During the Home Rule period Nationalists and Unionists have separated themselves into Hardline Nationalists e.g. Sinn Fein, Moderate Nationalists e.g. SDLP, Moderate Unionists e.g. DUP and Hardline Unionists. The hardline groups are the extremists and will not be happy until everything goes their way. It is because of these extremists who are unwilling to compromise, that bringing peace has been difficult, particularly as many of these are members of paramilitaries groups. It is mainly the paramilitary groups, which cause violence. It is the moderate groups who are more willing to compromise, very much so the ordinary person on the street. In politics, there was a strong focus on the everyday issues of normal life from both sides. ...read more.


Paisley often refers to the "covenant" to encourage other Protestants to use violence and go against the Peace Process. I think that all of these factors have contributed in the difficulties in bring peace. However, I think some are more significant than others. I think that individuals have influenced people's opinions tremendously because they have exaggerated points to the general public, which have turned their opinions. For example, when James Conolly and Padhraic Pearce took part in the Easter Rising, many Nationalists disagreed. However once they had been executed by the firing squad, many people change their opinions. They felt this punishment was too harsh. I also think one of the biggest problems has been that people use the past to justify their actions. This causes a problem because this will encourage others to do the same and the situation in Northern Ireland will not improve. Paramilitaries hold a huge amount of control because of the money they receive for weapons, for example. There for it is a big problem and is a difficult step to overcome in order to bring peace. Therefore it is all extremists who must learn to compromise before peace is restored into Northern Ireland. Why has it proved hard to bring peace to Northern Ireland? Samantha Hursey Page 1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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