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Ketts Rebellion and Execution

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The Ketts Rebellion was a protest, which happened in 1549 for against economics change. This all started in 1549 when landowners were taking over common land for sheep farming to supply blossoming wool trade. This was great for the landowners because sheep were highly profitable. But for farm labourers looking after the animal needed less people so many were out of jobs. Even richer people from towns joined in the protests, as they wanted against a change in economics too. The protests then began to break fences and hedges down that were built by the landlords. The Kings main adviser Somerset was sent to do something about the problem. But the problem never got solved. Robert Kett led the protests and they first protested in Norfalk. ...read more.


The King got fed up and then sent a local gentry leader to order them to disperse but they refused. The gentry leader them offered them a pardon for going against the Kings orders as long as they dispersed but Kett and his people weren't having any of it and they assumed they were close of winning. Kett and his people then entered Norwich and then tried to capture Yarmouth. This made the King much more anger so he took power and took over. The King decided to get the Earl of Warwick's army of 10,00 men to stop them protesting so they killed 3,00 rebels in battle. ...read more.


Even though Craig was the one who shot the police man he didn't end up being hung because he was under aged so he was sentenced to goal but only spent 10 years there. This case was not fair; even though Derek was there and took the keys Derek had the mental age of a young child. It has been proven that ten years later Derek was innocent but hanged anyway. The case of Ruth Elliss was the last female ot be executed in the United Kingdom. She was convicted for the mudered for shooting her boyfriend David Blakely six times. Blakely was then taken to hostipal but then pronoccued dead. Ruth Elliss was then found guilty for jealously and was then executed at Holloway prison in London. ...read more.

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