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Life in Nazi Germany - youth, women and propoganda

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(a) Explain the nature and purpose of the 'Hitler Youth' Movement. The Hitler Youth Movement was established in 1926. The main purpose of the Hitler youth was to give Hitler an opportunity to spread his ideas across the nation, and to create a new generation of youngsters that would be loyal to him and to make it into a unit. The Hitler Youth Movement was mainly made up of 10-18 year olds. Hitler had complete control over every stage in the young Germans lives, there was a patrol service that would check on all the members of the Hitler youth that they were looking smart and that they were carrying a clean handkerchief and a comb. The key factor that would look over anything was that the boys were fit, strong and healthy; the Hitler Youth concentrated on activities such as boxing, shooting, marching, club throwing athletics and other military exercises. The reason for this was that Hitler was training every single one of them to become soldiers; they also wore uniform that was similar to the SS which was an elite organisation. The Hitler youth were training for the places of the future SA or SS. ...read more.


This is how Hitler encouraged people to have more children and the only reason he was doing this was because he knew that all the children were going to join the Hitler Youth. Hitler needed the population to grow because he needed to fill the spaces gained in Eastern Europe. But Hitler's idea was not working as he planned so he decided to ban abortions and contraception. The desire to increase Germany population grew so a new law was discussed among Nazi leaders that all women-married or single should have at least 4 children and the fathers of these children had to be racially pure. This law had never been pasted on because even the Nazi leaders knew that it would cause social anarchy. In Germany there had been a lot of women working before Hitler became in charge but after Hitler became in charge he didn't want women to be so he started to sack female teachers, doctors, lawyers and civil servants, by the start of the Second World War there was few women that were working. But there was a law passed because of shortage of skills that was called Duty Year. ...read more.


Pro-Nazi propaganda was flaunted in nearly every aspect of German life; in cinemas there were pro - Nazi themed films, where they were based on or around the Nazi idea. The Nazis controlled the Radio and newspapers. Songs were also written with pro-Nazi lyrics, when Hitler gave a speech thousands of people were either listening to him on the radio or watching him live. Posters of Hitler were everywhere. Hitler banned trade unions because there were a few known communists in them and by his reasoning it would make sense to get rid of them all to remove their threat to the Nazis entirely. Hitler's use of propaganda and brutality were not the only factors at work making sure that there is little opposition, Hitler also dealt with the unemployment problem as well. Hitler employed about 6 million people with his public works programme. Motorways were being built and they had plans for public buildings, including a stadium that would hold the 1936 Olympics. The German people either just didn't think seriously about what Hitler was aiming for or just didn't ask, they were more interested in what was in it for them, money, jobs for example the loan service. In conclusion I don't agree with the statement that propaganda is the main reason there are other reasons that are more important. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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