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Marches and peace - The two events I have chosen are: Bloody Sunday, and The Easter Rising.

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Question One Every year on the 7th of July the Protestant orange men gather in their hundreds to march through the mainly catholic areas of Drumcree (and other places in northern Ireland). The orange day parades are held each year for historical and political reasons. Historically, the orange day parades celebrate the victory of William of Orange over James II. When England replaced the Catholic James II, with the Protestant William of Orange. After the siege of Londonderry William of Orange landed at Carrickfergus castle in 1690 and won great victories in the battle of the Boyne and at Aughrim. The Orangemen won the battles but the Catholics formed underground societies to try and restore James II to the throne. In the Protestants eyes this victory prevented them from being taken over by the Catholics or "papists." The Political significance of the Orange Day parades is that they deliberately march directly through the catholic areas, for example Drumcree, as a way of making sure that the Catholics never forget the battle of the Boyne and their "place" in Northern Ireland. Question two The two events I have chosen are: Bloody Sunday, and The Easter Rising. ...read more.


Elsewhere in Dublin, armed men had taken over key points such as the Four Courts, the College of Surgeons and Boland's Mills. It was Easter Monday, and there were few people in the centre of Dublin to witness the rising. Many army officers had gone to the Fairyhouse races. The men that planned and carried out this act feared that without a dramatic gesture of this kind, Northern Ireland would lose all of its pride, and be forgotten to the world as an independent country, but remembered only as an insignificant part of the British empire. The most historically significant effect of the Easter Rising is also the one that has effected the present day the most. The outbreak of war made them decide that Ireland could benefit from England's troubles. The rebels turned to Germany for help, and Germany promised to send arms. In addition to the small Irish Citizen Army, formed in 1913 to defend workers against police harassment, there were thousands of Irish Volunteers, an army formed in response to the Ulster Volunteer Force. Like the UVF, the Volunteers carried out a successful gun-running operation, landing arms at Howth, near Dublin, a few days before war was declared. ...read more.


The dehumanization of the Catholics would start all over again, because the Protestants would have all of the power. My preferred solution is the power sharing solution. This is because both communities will have a say in how the county is run, this will prevent the Protestants discriminating against the Catholics or vice versa. The good Friday agreement has already proved that both sides are capable of sharing to some extent, and that is broadly agreeable to both sides. And there is a good reason for the British soldiers to withdraw from Northern Ireland. Both sides get most of what they want without the other side having to sacrifice anything. So with this solution most of the problems that cause the violence and discrimination have been solved, and both of the communities are relatively happy. The problem that will be left if this solution is inforced is that violence and hatred may have become a lifestyle for those who have been born into it, and are living in it today, so the violence may continue as the Protestants and the Catholics continue their hatred for each other and continue to fight relentlessly. ...read more.

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