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Martin Luther King.

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Martin Luther King Martin Luther King had great expectations for our nation. He was a famous minister and civil rights leader who persuaded many to feel the way he did. He wanted everyone to be equal and have the same opportunities. He believed everyone should have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly and requested - even demanded - these rights for every race, color and creed. ...read more.


Martin Luther King was different because he did something about the loathing, violence and racism. He stood up for what he believed in, which took courage and time. He was assassinated, but he fought for justice to the end. Because of Martin Luther King, people today are not separated by iron gates and stone walls, but work together in hopes of making a better tomorrow. ...read more.


He knew that through peace, peacefulness, determination, and truth that you could do anything, a message that still lives on today. Martin Luther King is a true hero because he fought for what he believed in and thought of others before he thought of himself. Martin Luther King was a strong leader. He stood up and spoke his views without hesitation. His confidence gave his followers what they needed in order to take a stand, knowing they would be supported. Even through tense times, he managed to stay strong, never backing down. ...read more.

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