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GCSE: USA 1941-80

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  1. Cuban Missile Crisis

    Every week, Cuban government receives $200 million but the poor remains to be poor. Some young, educated Cubans who read about Socialism and what the government offered the poor revolted, rebelled against Baptista and his corruption. They tried to overthrow the government but they failed. They fled to Sierra Masta which is a very remote place in Cuba. Here was where they educated the poor for free. They did this because if these all of these poor people rebelled against Baptista then they would surely win.

    • Word count: 713
  2. Blacks and their civil rights

    the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee gain more power. King was from a respectable middle class family, where he saw his father become a Baptist minister in Atlanta, Georgia. King followed on from his father's success by obtaining a PhD at Boston University. This showed how intelligent King was, and that he had the ability to concentrate on one goal, and reach it. It also shows that even from a relatively young age, he was able to challenge popular culture, as a Black American at University, was a fairly rare sight.

    • Word count: 2267
  3. What were the key effects of the UN partition plan up to 1956?

    Three main effects were the Creation of Israel, the 1948 War as well as a great number of refugees spread over neighbouring Arab nations. One of the effects of the UN partition plan was the newly distributed land and therefore the Creation of Israel. Once published, the Arabs were immediately opposed to the plan, using the argument that the partition would breach the rights of the majority of the Palestinian people, and that a great number of Arabs would be trapped as minorities in the Jewish State.

    • Word count: 854
  4. Did the wall street crash cause the great deppression?

    There was a lot of speculation that share prices would continue to rise. However, in 1929, the stock markets began to fall dramatically and caused devastating effects on the American economy. This was the beginning of long-lasting consequences for the whole country, and the world. The Great Depression was a long gradual period in which America suffered great economic depression, during which financial activity slowed down and unemployment was high. America had a high rate of starvation, homelessness and poverty. People were living in poor conditions with very little money. There were a few causes of the Wall street crash.

    • Word count: 817
  5. John F. Kennedy

    He dragged them to a nearby island. The men lived on coconut milk and rainwater until they made contact with the natives. He soon carved a rescue message into a coconut husk, which was able to the Navy, and they were soon rescued. When the returned Kennedy received the 'purple heart' medal under the following citation. 'For extremely heroic conduct as Commanding Officer of Motor Torpedo Boat 109 following the collision and sinking of that vessel in the Pacific War Theater on August 1-2, 1943. Unmindful of personal danger, Lieutenant (then Lieutenant, Junior Grade)

    • Word count: 788
  6. 1950 History

    During the 50's the gross national product (GNP), the value of all goods almost doubled. The Americans were producing more than half of all the goods in the world. Consumer Goods Everyone owned a lot of goods. In 1948, only half the population had cars but in 1956 nearly 3 in every four families had a car. Barely anyone had televisions but in 1956, over 4 out of every 5 families had one.

    • Word count: 484
  7. the role of women in the second world war.

    It is not a photograph and it is an artist's impression. In the picture the man is asking if she has had any experience in agricultural work but it is clear that she hasn't by the way that she is dressed. In the picture she has a stupid posh and expensive hat on, She is wearing a fox around her neck. She looks like she is a rich women and has most probably never done a days work in her life. She probably has servants to do her house chores so she can do as she pleases during the day.

    • Word count: 1142
  8. reagon and gorbachev

    In the same year the USA announce plans for the strategic defense initiative which was also known as starwars. This was a plan to destroy missiles from space but the Soviet Union immediately condemned Reagan's actions. In 1983 US soldiers landed in Grenada to stop an attempt communist takeover. In 1983 the USA also spent $300,000 million on defense. In 1984 the eastern block countries boycotted the Olympic Games which were held in America In 1987 Reagan and Gorbachev signed the INF treaty which was also called the intermediate nuclear forces treaty.

    • Word count: 533
  9. The Civil Rights Movement.

    � However this was not the case. � There was certainly no equality in the standards of schools for black and white children. Black schools had few teachers, few classrooms and few books. � Equal facilities did not exist in further education colleges: � no black college existed where it was possible to study for a PhD � no black college existed where it was possible to study engineering or architecture � law could only be studied at two colleges � medicine could only be studied at two colleges The Campaign begins � The person who began the campaign to fight for equality in education was Thurgood Marshall.

    • Word count: 736
  10. Civil Rights in America 50s & 60s

    the Board of Education' in Kansas. Oliver Brown was the leader of a party of parents of black children who had to travel huge distances to get to their black designated school, despite a school for white children lying just around the corner from their residences. Brown believed that these children deserved to be able to attend their nearest school and so challenged the Kansas Board of Education in court. Whilst the law suit failed and was granted in favour of the board of education, it did help to raise national and international awareness of the poor education that black children were receiving.

    • Word count: 3907
  11. What reasons could the HSCA have in 1979 for suggesting that President Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy in 1963?

    After the shooting had taken place many spectators ran up the grassy knoll in apparent search for a gunman, forty eight witnesses said that they had heard shots coming from the grassy knoll, the Warren Commission said that they had all been mistaken. A man named Orville Nix had taken a film which showed the grassy knoll, he gave the original tape to the FBI but not before he had made a copy of it and given it to a friend.

    • Word count: 1002
  12. Describe the problems that President Kennedy faced in the years from 1961 to 1963

    An unsuccessful mission called the 'Bay Of Pigs' was authorised by President Kennedy to try and invade Cuba, the plan had been designed under the previous President's turn in office and all Kennedy had to do was authorise it. The mission failed as all it consisted of was providing Cubans who were angry at the Cuban government with weapons and allowing them to try and seize control of the country. As it failed badly it made Kennedy look very inexperienced.

    • Word count: 1485
  13. Why did the Warren Commission decide that John F Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald acting on his own?

    The means is the weapon that was used in the assassination. Eye witness statements from Source E say that Oswald carried a long paper bag with him to work on the morning of the 22nd November. His neighbour said that the paper bag was around 28 inches long and the person with whom he was given a lift to work by concluded that when Oswald left for work on the morning of 22 November he was carrying a long paper bag that was roughly 27 inches long.

    • Word count: 1445
  14. Free essay

    To some people the 1960s were the best of times, to others it was a period when many things went wrong in society. Why do people have such different opinions of the 1960s?

    Sex became more acceptable to talk about in public and television began to show mild references to sex. The traditional ways of life were quickly becoming more modern and radical. The 60s were a good time to be young and youthful. The new pop groups and fashions made the 60s the perfect time to be a teenager. Youngsters had more money and by 1959 many teenagers were spending around �8 per week on records and clothes, it was particularly easy for teens to get jobs. Source A is part of a description of the 1960, "The nation held its breath because that evening the four Beatles, all the fab four, were appearing live on Juke Box Jury; John, Paul, George and Ringo being cool, smart, lippy, charming and funny.

    • Word count: 1025
  15. Were The Dropping Of The Atomic Bombs Justified?

    "The atom bomb was no great decision. It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness. The dropping of the bombs stopped the war and saved millions of lives." This was a comment made by President Truman in a press conference on 6th August 1945 after the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. One of the reasons America saw the bombs fit to use was because if there was to be a great loss of life, they'd rather it was not their own.

    • Word count: 2023
  16. Watergate caused Ford to be a half a term president

    The Watergate scandal, which reached its climax with Nixon's resignation in August 1974, had great consequences throughout US politics. Nixon contributed to increased cynicism and distrust of government, especially towards the Republican Party. In the 1974 congressional elections the Republicans suffered greatly, losing four Republicans who voted against Nixon's impeachment. On 8th September 1974, Ford announced a pardon of disgraced Ex-President Nixon. There was national outrage and Ford's approval rating sank from 71 to 49%. It could be argued that by pardoning the unpopular Nixon, Ford lost a lot of support which could have ultimately lost him his re-election.

    • Word count: 622
  17. Blacks as second class citizens from 1945-55in USA

    Many states introduced a 'grandfather clause' into voting regulations which declared that a person could only vote if his grandfather had the vote, even if you were a full US citizen. This excluded the vast majority of African-Americans, whose grandfathers had been slaves. By 1945 the situation in terms of voting rights was not positive for blacks, although there were signs of improvement, with the number of registered black voters increasing from 3% in 1940 to 12% in 1947. White registrars made it difficult for blacks to register.

    • Word count: 1082
  18. Cuban Missile Crisis Essay

    When Castro turned to the USSR for help, the USA banned all trade with Cuba. Such tough tactics only made Cuba more dependent upon the Soviets. By 1962, 80% of Cuba's trade was with countries in the Soviet bloc, and Soviet arms and troops had also arrived. 4 As Castro drew closer to the USSR, American hostility hardened into determination to overthrow him. Castro now openly paraded his communist sympathies, and the American government would not tolerate a communist country within their sphere of influence. Cuba was only 90 miles from the American coast and America had consistently warned European countries against interference in the American continent.

    • Word count: 2120
  19. Compare the position of Booker T Washington and W.E.B Dubios in promotion the Position of African Americans

    He supported attempts to improve education that African Americans received through out the rest of his life, although the education provided to the African American students would be practical and not academic. He was later made Principle of Tuskegee institute in Alabama which specialised in practical subjects such as wagon making and learning to be a good housekeepers or a blacksmith. Later in the 1890's, the Tuskegee institute developed a further education program. Washington advocated the importance of economic opportunities rather that civil or political rights.

    • Word count: 976
  20. To What Extent was the Second World War a Watershed for African Americans

    On the home front, African Americans supported the double V campaign, victory at home (civil rights for African Americans) and abroad. In 1941, Civil Right activist Philip Randolph threatened a March in Washington. When the government defence contracting began in 1940, the Federal government only hired white workers, and of the 100'000 aircraft workers only 240 were black, most of these serving in unskilled positions. Randolph protested against this injustice and in an attempt to avert this embarrassingly large march, Roosevelt sent his and the Mayor of New York to negotiate with Randolph.

    • Word count: 922
  21. Social change in the USA in the 1950's

    This gave America a head start after the war to get back to the prosperity it had enjoyed before the Great Depression and war. In society, women and blacks had been of much use to the US labour system to produce resources for the country, and to fight for their country in Asia and Europe. Their newfound freedom in work and society was oppressed by the white workers returning from war and seeking their old jobs back.

    • Word count: 606
  22. Cold war 1945-1954

    There were many meetings between the 'Big Three', Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Harry S. Truman, including the Potsdam meeting where Truman warned Stalin of a 'powerful new weapon' that the USA was developing, more specifically the atomic bomb. This was before the Japan bombings, and the Russians were also working on nuclear weapons. A week after the Potsdam Meeting Japan was attacked by the USA with atomic bombs and Japan surrendered a few days afterwards, Stalin was frustrated as the Russians had gained little influence in Japan and the US had dominated most of Japan.

    • Word count: 860
  23. John F Kennedy

    Source A is also limited as it is confined to a time period before the elections. In terms of content Source A shows us the views of some of the nation and displays evidence of the propaganda and tactics used during J.F.K's electoral campaign. Source A's only use in terms of provenance is that it shows the tactics used by the Democrats.

    • Word count: 537
  24. Question 3: The New Deal was not a complete success. Explain how far you agree with this statement.

    The New Deal planned to re-build the economy by introducing the Emergency Banking Act, which aimed to solve the financial crisis after the Wall Street Crash. Every bank was closed for a four-day 'bank holiday' and only honest, well-run banks with enough cash were allowed to re-open. The Securities Act forced companies giving out new shares to provide full information about the company to the public. The New Deal never solved the underlying economic problems and the US economy took longer to recover than most European countries.

    • Word count: 923
  25. 1960's women stuck at home

    Without them, no matter what else she had accomplished, she was nothing. Piety or strong respectful belief in a deity or deities, and strict observance of religious principles in everyday life, made up the core of the virtues. A young man looking for a woman to spend his life with, was encouraged to search for someone who held this faithfulness because if they had it all other merits would follow. Welter reported that the masses of the population felt the world would be salvaged for God by way of woman's suffering.5 Welter collected evidence supporting why women were religious and why they needed to be.

    • Word count: 2747

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