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Nazis through the depression

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To what extent did the Depression help the Nazis gain more power? Even though the Depression in America caused so many problems around the world and so many people were in despair the Nazis managed to take this to their advantage and gained more control over the country. This is shown by the Nazis success in the elections establishing power in Germany in the 1930s, they gained many seats in the elections and were the biggest singe party .Germany was principally badly affected by the depression and the Weimar government could not deal with the great unemployment in the country but this was to Hitler's benefit now his ideas meant something. Firstly the Nazis twenty-five point programme (to abolish the treaty of Versailles and for Germany join with Austria etc) ...read more.


Hitler was a good public speaker and many people supported what he said. He was dynamic and gave his message to millions with propaganda, using posters and pamphlets which could be found everywhere. Hitler made it clear that he could control the communists with his SA, and that he could provide the people of Germany with jobs. In giving his powerful and moving public speeches, it could be seen that he was a strong and decisive leader, which was exactly what Germany needed. He reminded people of the strength Germany had as a monarchy, with the Kaiser as leader. The elections in 1930 showed a remarkable breakthrough in Nazi support. His campaigning methods were modern and affective and were the only politician who gave the German people any hope and so the German people started to vote for him. ...read more.


People became more involved in politics as they felt something had to change. Extremist uprisings from right and left came about. The communists blamed the Capitalist system and the Nazis blamed the Weimar Republic, the Treaty of Versailles and the Jews. They promised to get rid of ``the enemy within'' who was destroying Germany. The depression was a gift to Hitler and the Nazis. For every problem the depression raised, they had a solution. In a time where the Weimar government was at its weakest, they needed a strong leader. Overall I think that the Nazis fully benefited from the depression of 1929- 1930, as it helped Hitler become chancellor and people went against the Weimar Government and against the Treaty of Versailles. By 1932 the Nazis were the biggest single party in the whole of Germany and had control on most of the country. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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