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Only Mugs DoDrugs.

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ONLY MUGS DO DRUGS. You have only to switch on your television, radio or open a newspaper or magazine to be aware that the fabric of our society is being contaminated and eroded right down to its inner most core by the ever expanding evil plague of drug abuse. In this land of ever increasing human rights and of a growing freedom of choice, we are expected to watch and allow the destruction of our family values and the corruption of our moral and legal ideals. Ideals which are intended to act as a benchmark to all, showing what is deemed to be the difference between right and wrong. Throughout Northern Ireland illegal drugs and substances are increasingly available to anyone of any age who can afford the asking price. They are available in our largest cities and towns, right down to our smallest villages and hamlets. Illegal drugs can be and are being purchased from big and small time drug dealers alike, who jockey for position to make their next illicit sale. ...read more.


In the illegal manufacture of ecstasy tablets for instance, forensic scientists have discovered that talcum powder, industrial cleaning powder and even rat poison are being added during the production process of the tablet, in order to make a larger quantity of tablets whilst using the least amount of MDMA drug. As with any illegal drug, there is no quality control in their production. Northern Ireland Office statistics show that during the year of 2000, there were fifty-four drugs related deaths within Northern Ireland, twenty-two of which were females. Who in their right mind can say that drugs use is a victimless crime, when you have figures like these? I am of the opinion that cannabis is a drug which certain individuals would have you believe is harmless and should be legalised or at least downgraded. Mo Mowlam is recently on record as stating that certain drugs should be legalised. This is the same Mo Mowlam who in the tabloid press, proudly announced that she had not only had cannabis in her student years but unlike ex-President Bill Clinton, she went further and stated that she did inhale! ...read more.


On the other hand, most young people despise the paramilitaries, but then swell their war chests by purchasing drugs from these very same people. At present there are on going discussions involving the Home Secretary David Blunkett, for the down grading of cannabis from a class B drug to a class C. The question is, will this be a fore- runner for eventually de-classifying cannabis and making its supply and possession totally legal? I hope not, for all our sakes, but only time will tell, especially when you take into consideration the so called experiment in Brixton, where Police appear to have basically agreed to turn a blind eye to the open use of cannabis. There is a supposition within the law system that says "A law that is not enforced, is no law at all". Well, I for one strongly oppose any downgrading of any illegal drug. Furthermore, I am of the belief that the majority of the population are too. But I fear that the small vocal minority comprising of the Mo Mowlams of this world, shall be listened to and shall be granted their wish. God help society if this does happen. ...read more.

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