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Source based questions on Ireland 1960.

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History Coursework Ireland c.1960 Study Sources J Do you agree with this portrayal of the reasons why the troubles continued into the 1990's? Explain your answer using the sources and you own knowledge. Source J is a cartoon drawn in 1991 by a Northern Irish Political cartoonist. It was used to illustrate the front cover of a book called 'Troubled Times', about the troubles in Northern Ireland from 1970 to 1991. This caricature (cartoon) is clever in the way it mentions the most influential groups of the civil rights movements whilst bringing there environment to the same area, therefore confining them to one area that will need to be solved or else they will achieve nothing; Hence the use of a cycle. The cycle used represents that they are going around in circles. The use of the characters is also very important because these are the topics, which, have been raised but not solved. All the characters manage to do is avoid each other or confront each other through the process of violence. Therefore, the same issues are being repeated and the same problems keeping on arising. Another way that this cartoon works in so many ways is that there is no middle ground. ...read more.


Religion is perceived as your belief. Catholics felt that they have been dramatically discriminated in a number of ways such as 'housing'. Religious leaders also are to blame for the increase in tension. E.g. supporting single faith education, which keeps two communities, divided. Leaders such as Ian Paisley believe that 'Catholics don't want to share in the government of Northern Ireland. They want Northern Ireland to be destroyed, and to have a united Ireland. Even if they were to join a government its only until such time as they can destroy government and the state' Here we can clearly see Ian Paisley being biased and trying to wave the opinion of some of the more higher protestants. He is basically trying to say things that the Protestants don't want to hear so they will be motivated to fight. Discrimination was a very big topic that was covered by Northern Ireland. They believed that that there had not been much improvement in this discrimination by 1990. Discrimination was found in places such as jobs, and sport. For example if you were Catholic. "You kicked funny with you left leg". This was an extract taken from a Linfield FC scout. ...read more.


I have to say honestly and truthfully that I have never known what I can only describe as a universal cold fury" here we can see that the frustration increased throughout the years as nothing got solved. Work done by Terrorist groups such as the IRA, often lead to a paramilitary violence, which again did not help, solve anything. Mass amounts of Catholics and Protestants were getting killed due to religious background. Religion was another problem which was not solved either. The work of biased leaders such as Ian Paisley; were blamed for the increase in tension, for example single faith schools which kept the two communities apart. This diagram in the way also represented historical tension, that the foundation of Ireland has been 'stained' with graffiti therefore making the problem worse. Historical events such as 'the battle of the Boyne 1690' had always been an element surrounding the Irish. Tradition had usually played a part; songs would be made to create tension and increase moral. Perhaps, the largest reason why the troubles continued in Northern Ireland was socially related. Ordinary people would not think for themselves and would rely on the thinking and thoughts of Politicians. There had also been a great deal of mistrust and suspicion between the two groups which meant, they were not able to settle there differences. Nigel Herrera 11 Neumann question 5 ...read more.

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