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Source based questions on Nazi Germany.

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Source based questions (a) Do you think that this cartoon was published in a nazi newspaper or by their opponents? Use the source and your own knowleadge to explain your answer. I think that this source is pro - Nazi firstly because the source shows poor quality meat being searved to the Germans my evidence for this is that in the source the jewish are puting a rat into the mincer. Secondly that the jews want to kill the Germans my evidence for this is that there are goose hanging from the ceeling which represent the German soliders because the German soliders take steeps like goose when they march. Thirdly and lastly it shows a typical jew with a big nose and being fat. I also think that it proves that Jews are evil, wealthy and greedy. (b) Is this an accurate account of the view of all Germans in Nazi Germany? Use the source and your own knowledge to explain your answer. I think that this source is not an accurate account of all germans firstly because its only interviewing one person so therefore it bias and its also a one person ...read more.


Secondly yes because the women are being devided and I think that they are being devided judging from the fact weather they are healthy enough to work. I also think that this source is not a typical image of the Nazi policy. Firstly because it is bias one sided view and there is a large quntity of women who are very skiny and unhealthy. From my knowladge and what i have studied It is Anti - Nazism and may exaggerate. Secondly because it is only a snapshot and it only shows part of the Nazi policy it does not show dehuminastion, discrimination and it does not link to the Nurenburg Laws and not to forget its by a former inmate. (d) Do you think this cartoon was published by the Nazis or by their opponents? Use the source and your own knowlage to explain your answer. I think that this source is published by the Nazis opponents. Firstly because it shows that the women is worn out because shes given birth to 12 children which shows that it is done by the opponents because the Nazis would only promote Labensborn ( having kids) ...read more.


100% correct and plus he was the propaganda minister his job was to show the way Nazi life should be not the way it attcully was. (f) This source shows an ideal Nazi family. Was it correct? Use the source and your own knowladge to explain your answer. I think this was an ideal Nazi family. Firstly because its got the women with 4 kids which is already promoting labensborn it shows them all happy it shows the boy digging which was the link from German blood to German soil. Secondly the little girl with the doll practicing to be a mother the women breast feeding her baby promoting love and dedication towords being a mum it also could promote that she enjoys being being a mum thats why shes got four kids. Thirdly the flowers all glomming which shows happiness and shows that the family are happy they get food they have a house to live in and are very happy. Fourtly the cat which completes the family having a pet completes every family so this is an ideal Nazi family. 25/09/2003 21:24:59 By charanpreet Mandair Tutor base 11w History Homework Mr Alman ...read more.

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