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The Cuban Missile Crisis.

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2a) In April 1961,the Bay of Pigs occurred. During the Bay of Pigs there was an attempt to overthrow Castro. With means that they tried to get Castro away from his leadership and get a new leader to rule over Cuba. Not it is his brother that is in power. The exiles received training from the CIA, they did not only get help from the CIA but the CIA also provided weapons for the exiles forces. Kennedy was also in support of the exiles. And at the end the USA helped the exiles that were forced out by Castro to get back in the country. ...read more.


If he would have went to war with them a lot of blood would have been spilled and there would have been a nuclear war. c) The Cuban missile crisis was a disaster for the soviets because the USSR. Had to come and get all the missiles back when the war ended. This took a lot of men to do. Having to buy all these missiles that were not used were a great deal and cost a lot of money to the USSR. The USSR had to get the whole of Cuba involved into this fight and because of this Cuba was at risk to go to war with the USA just as much as the USSR were. ...read more.


They will have a lot of time to send a missile first before the USA would have time to react and attack the USA As a conclusion I think that it was not a failure for the USSR because the got what they want to to they got the USA to take away there missiles form turkey. This is what they want to from the beginning on. So I do not thing that the Cuban Missile Crisis was a failure to the USSR because they got what the want at the end. If there would have been an attack from Kennedy they would have went into a nuclear war and none of us would have been here today. ...read more.

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