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The Feminist Movement, Has It Gone Too Far?

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Dan Chorley English The Feminist Movement, Has It Gone Too Far? In the past women have been treated unfairly just because of there gender, before the twentieth century women could not take part in activities previously thought of as strictly male activities. For example women could not attend universities, could not own there own property, could not choose their husband unless they were rich and could not vote. However, over the years women's rights have changed. The reason for this is mostly because of World War One and Two. In the first war most of the men left the country to fight abroad, for the first time the women were left behind to work themselves, they worked in places in which they had never worked before like heavy industry making ammunition and parts for the war. ...read more.


After the war was over, women were allowed to work, but they had to stop when they got married or pregnant. In the nineteen sixty's women struggled for there right for equality in the work place and in public life and changed the attitude of men and the authorities towards women's equal rights. However in the present day women's rights are still not perfect many women's earnings are still on the whole less than men's, Women are still bullied out of some jobs mostly the services for example the Police force and the Fire service. If a women is dismissed from a job because the employers feel that a male could do the job better, the difference from the past is now that it is illegal and can be taken to a court of appeal. ...read more.


At the moment I believe that the feminist movement has not gone too far, as women nearly have the same rights as men and only a few barriers remain for example ridiculous rules about joining golf clubs. I think that there has been a notable change in people's views about a male's role and a female's role, these major changes have affected the elections and the government, the workplace and the family an example being women eligible to join the army and fight on the front line. However, some people may not be able to cope with this change in our society, because of the way that they have been educated. Some will continue to believe that women should stay at home and look after the family's needs, and that physical employment such as brick laying is not suitable for fragile women. ...read more.

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