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The Nazis And The German Economy - source based work.

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The Nazis And The German Economy Course work 1. Source B is a photograph of Hitler beginning the work on the first autobahn. This shows that work was created by building autobahns. Hitler was like a god in the German eyes. To see that Hitler was working on the autobahn must have meant that it was an important act to make a better German. Using Hitler was a publicity scheme. 2. Source C shows that re-armament was an economic priority. It shows the percentage spent went up by seven times. This must have created more jobs in armaments. Unemployment fell quickly after 1933 by comparison with high levels seen in the year of the Weimar republic. The reason behind this was that Hitler 'four year plan' was designed to speed up the rearmament and prepare Germany for war within the year of 1936-40. With that unemployment dropped as more jobs were created to prepare for war. 3. The Nazis tried to control women and their role, to make sure that they played a part in creating an Aryan society by producing the perfect Nazi generation (having babies). The idea is shown in source D regarding that they believed that a woman should work on developing a home base work. ...read more.


5. Source A shows unemployment fell dramatically during the years for 1932 to 1938. On the other hand the graph in source A has many factors why it's not reliable or accurate as it seems. This was because the figures in the graph do not represent the millions of Jews, women, soldiers and men who were under 25 years old were not counted as unemployed in the statistic. Men who were under 25 years old had to join the RAD (National Labour Service) schemes designed to reduce unemployment. The women had to leave they jobs or were sack to stay at home. They encourage them to become housewives as showed in source D since Hitler family value policy was enforced. This meant a big drop in unemployment figures, considering what the Nazis thought were employ. This is mention in source F about the fix rating of unemployment. Therefore source A represent the fix rating of the unemployment which is shown in the graph. The graph show the impossible dramatic fall of unemployment. In source E shows a workingman describing how life was. He talks about how he owned his own trade and work from the comfort of his home at the beginning of 1930s. ...read more.


for every family. These improvement made where commended in Source G, where David Lloyd George, x British prime minister in the Second World War. He thinks that Germany has made "great change" and "achieved a marvellous change in the spirit of the people and in their economic and social outlook". The German did not let the BP see the dark side of this life. They were youth movement were designed to teach children that the western way was no good and his way was the only way by the age of six. Hitler was gaining the youth generation to turn them into the future world of pure Nazis. With all my knowledge and the sources whilst the German I have come to conclude that it was not only cause of the popularity of Hitler help wit the Germany economy but other factor as equal significance contributed to Hitler's support before the second world war. Example that scheme of unemployment was an idea before Hitler became in power. The Nazis plan acted many different sorts of people of many reason. Some were for he filmy vale, sexism, the idea of the Aryan race and there hatred of the Jews. Under the Nazis dictatorship they improved economy but the manly forces was the propaganda and force on built Germany into all powerful and Aryan/Nazis committee. Hence the improve spirits of the nation are all important aspect that affected the Nazi popularity. ...read more.

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